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by Sirlin at 3:30 AM
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Standard registration for Fantasy Strike Expo ends this Friday. After that, only single day passes will be available, so sign up now: Sign up now.

In addition to tournaments for Yomi 2nd Edition, Pandante 2nd Edition, and Flash Duel 2nd Edition revised printing, there will also be casual play of all these games and more. You can also play Puzzle Strike, Flowchart, and Codex.

Codex has recently been massively updated and now has simpler combat, better typography, and is generally easier to understand and better looking than ever before. Flowchart is a much smaller game that's fighting game-ish, but much different than Yomi.

You can come for the tournaments, casual play of any of these games, or for the generally fun atmosphere of hanging out with other gamers. Sign up now before prices go up....
by Thelo at 12:22 AM
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Google Chrome today pushed an update that disables all plugins by default, including Unity Webplayer, which powers Yomi, Puzzle Strike, and Flash Duel on this website. To unblock it in Chrome in order to play our games, go to:


and click "Enable", then restart the browser.

Alternatively, you can use (Windows) Firefox, which doesn't block us like this.
by Sirlin at 11:47 PM
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Yomi is coming to Steam in the next few weeks! (It's already on iOS, the web, and in physical form.)

Yomi is a fighting game in card form and it's the competitive card game you should be playing. Just like in a fighting game, you have to learn your character's strengths and weaknesses, read your opponents' tendencies, and land combos when you can. Yomi is highly balanced at the expert level, and it expresses the values of a fair competitive game. You always have a full strength deck on an even playfield with your opponents.

Yomi has 20 characters, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles, leading to a whopping 210 different matchups....
by ClanNatioy at 9:48 PM
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Hello all Yomi players, prepare to get excited. This Saturday April 11th at 5pm PDT (GMT -7) we will be celebrating the fact that Yomi will soon be on Steam. This celebration will be in the form of a tournament. The Steam version of Yomi is compatible with all existing versions so you do not have to be playing on Steam in order to enjoy the tournament.

The tournament will be 4 rounds of Swiss with the top 4 players getting cut to single elimination. It will be commentated by Aphotix and myself.

Tournament Rules:
  • The Swiss and single elimination rounds will be bo3
  • Medium Timer
  • Double KO is a win for both players (if both players would get 2 wins on a double KO then another game needs to be played).
  • No random select
  • First match is double blind character pick
  • Standard Counter Picking rules (loser can switch characters, winner can not).
Game Settings:
  • Rules Enforced
  • Medium Timer
  • Hands can only be turned on if both players want them on...