Glitches in GGXXAC

Discussion in 'Playing to Win' started by SentientProgram, May 31, 2007.

  1. SentientProgram

    SentientProgram New Member

    So Accent core is out now, and it's NOT arcade perfect :(. Bridget has a ridiculous glitch where force break roger rush does not go away after it gets hit, and while it is hit buri is totally invulnerable. Johnny also has a tensionless FB now as well. EVO is console only, and since Sirlin is involved with EVO, plays Guilty Gear, and is a well known source on gaming glitches, I thought I might ask his input on this.

  2. Sirlin

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    I have yet to even play GGXX AC, but it is unfortunate that the arcade version isn't console-perfect. The console version is THE game, unless you are living in Japan. Evolution will not care even a little bit that the arcade version is different (and why would you?). Are you playing this game at an arcade somewhere?

    More to the point, how bad are these glitches? Like, incredibly bad? If they really break the game, then I don't know what we can do. Are they so easy to do that you might do them accidentally? I'm guessing it's not even feasible to ban them even if we wanted to, right?

    Hopefully I'll see the glitches for myself in a couple weeks.

  3. SentientProgram

    SentientProgram New Member

    I figured that's what your response would be, but I guess I just wanted to hear it from the man himself. It's certainly not game breaking, but it will change the game quite a bit for certain characters and matchups.

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