Race #2 - Pairings and Results

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  1. EricF

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    The second Round-robin Asychronous Codex Extravaganza is about to begin! Get HYPE!

    This is a casual, bragging rights only tournament series, since we don't have an easy rules enforcement mode available.

    Tournament starts August 15, 2016.
    The 24 Entrants have been randomly split into 4 pods of 6 players each.
    Within each pod, each player will play 4 matches, round-robin style (one match omitted)
    In addition, each player will play 4 cross-pod matches (including at least one match against each other pod).
    If any players drop out within the first week, their in-pod matches won't count, and their opponent's will be re-paired against each-other (in-pod to in-pod, and cross-pod to cross-pod).

    All games to be played in the Play by Post sub-forum, in separate threads

    I will post all 8 matches for each player on August 15. Taking advantage of the PBF format, all matches will run simultaneously, though they can be delayed by unilateral (in)action. Each player will be assigned to go first in 4 matches, and is expected to create the threads for those matches when they are ready to begin.

    Note that you should expect to play through at least 2 turns per day total across all your matches to finish on time. I'm expecting some threads to stay idle for a while, and I'll be monitoring and poking for non-activity. There is no expectation that everyone will be up to playing 4-8 games simultaneously.

    Please note this suggested format, and include hand, tech and worker decisions either in a spoiler, or in a linked source that I can get to.

    There are also some community produced tools for tracking your game states, which can be found in the
    Codex Tracking Sheet thread.

    In the event of a game error one of three fixes will be implemented: (open)
    1. If a unit, hero, or building took the wrong amount of damage, and changing it to the correct amount does not cause anything to leave play or not leave play, then the damage will be corrected.
    1a. If not enough gold was spent, and the excess was floated, the gold total will be corrected. If too much gold was spent, the excess will be refunded. The possibility of theft (red starter, Anarchy, or Law) does not impact this, as both players are responsible for maintaining the game state. An actually executed theft (or failure to steal after taking the appropriate action) forecloses this remedy.
    2. The game will be backed up to the turn of the error. In this case, having the decisions / game state noted is important for re-constructing things. If an error occurs and the gamestate cannot be recovered due to not posting prior hand / tech, then a game loss may be given if the error was substantial.
    3. If neither of the above apply. the game will be left as-is, if I feel a backup cannot be performed (for example, an error occurs on Turn 2, and it is now Turn 4, both players have made decisions, reshuffled, etc. based on the incorrect game state).

    All matches must conclude on or before September 18. Matches that do not finish by that time will be awarded as a victory to one player at my discretion, or scored as a Tie (4/10th of a win for each player) if no probable winner can be determined.
    Criteria to be considered in awarding a win (open)
    1. Is one player about to win, or in a dominating position, considering both public and spoiler information.
    2. Did one player unduly delay the game, relative to the other.
    3. Is it a game I'm in - unlikely to not finish, but I'm going to concede any unfinished game barring an egregious instance of #2.

    Final standings will be based on:
    1. Total Match Points
    2. Pod Ranking (Average Match Points earned by all players in the pod)
    3. Match Points within pod
    4. Head-to-Head (Winner of a match played between exactly two tied players)
    5. Fastest Player (TO will arbitrarily decide which of the tied players did the best job of playing in a timely manner throughout the tournament. I doubt this will come up.)

    The top slots will be decided based on a top 4 single elimination playoff. Each player who makes the finals will choose one of their submitted lists to be used for all games in the playoff, prior to playoffs beginning.

    The player who is going first is responsible for creating the game thread, please copy/paste the exact title as shown, to make tracking and finding the RACE threads easier. When your game finishes @EricF notify me so I can track the results as they come in.
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  2. EricF

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    Within-Pod Pairings:

    East Division:

    RACE #2: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Discipline) :psfist: vs. :kd: Legion ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength)

    RACE #2: Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth) :kd: vs. :psfist: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Finesse)

    RACE #2: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Demonology) :psfist: vs. :kd: Khel ([Peace]/Ninjitsu/Discipline)

    RACE #2: Zero-Integral ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Disease) :pschip: vs. :ps$: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Blood)

    RACE #2: Legion ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength) :psfist: vs. :kd: Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth)

    RACE #1: Khel ([Peace]/Demonology/Future) :kd: vs. :psfist: Legion ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: Legion ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Anarchy) :kd: vs. :psfist: YoungBuck ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: Zero-Integral ([Past]/Present/Future) :pschip: vs. :ps$: Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth)

    RACE #2: Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth) :psfist: vs. :kd: YoungBuck ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)

    RACE #1: Khel ([Law]/Peace/Truth) :ps$: vs. :pschip: Zero-Integral ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Disease)

    RACE #2: YoungBuck ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)
    :psfist: vs. :kd: Khel ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Disease)

    RACE #2: YoungBuck ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength) :psfist: vs. :kd: Zero-Integral ([Past]/Present/Future)

    West Division:

    RACE #2: Beak-Or ([Disease]/Necromancy/Past) :pschip: vs. :ps$: frozenstorm ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength)

    RACE #2: hitogoroshi ([Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy) :ps$: vs. :pschip: Beak-Or ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth)

    RACE #2: Beak-Or ([Disease]/Necromancy/Past) :pschip: vs. :ps$: Cstick ([Past]/Present/Blood)

    RACE #2: frozenstorm ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength) :psfist: vs. :kd: hitogoroshi ([Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: Cstick ([Demonology]/Law/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :kd: frozenstorm ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)

    RACE #2: frozenstorm ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :kd: Marto ([Necromancy]/Present/Truth)

    RACE #2: GGBergen.nei ([Disease]/Law/Truth) :pschip: vs. :ps$: hitogoroshi ([Discipnine]/Necromancy/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: hitogoroshi ([Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy) :kd: vs. :psfist: Marto ([Necromancy]/Blood/Truth)

    RACE #2: Cstick ([Demonology]/Law/Anarchy) :ps$: vs. :pschip: GGBergen.nei ([Disease]/Law/Truth)

    RACE #2: Marto ([Discipline]/Strength/Finesse) :kd: vs. :psfist: Cstick ([Past]/Present/Blood)

    RACE #2: Marto ([Present]/Necromancy/Truth) :ps$: vs. :pschip: (Beak-Or / GGBergen.nei - both of whom effectively dropped)

    RACE #2: Cstick ([Demonology]/Law/Anarchy) :psfist: vs :kd: hitogoroshi ([Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy)

    North Division:

    RACE #2: Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth) :kd: vs. :psfist: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth)

    RACE #2: petE ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :kd: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood)

    RACE #1: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood) :kd: vs. :psfist: Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth)

    RACE #2: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth) :psfist: vs. :kd: fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth)

    RACE #2: Reaverb Tau [Fire]/Demonology/Growth) :psfist: vs. :kd: fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth)

    RACE #2: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood) :kd: vs. :psfist: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth)

    RACE #2: Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth) :ps$: vs. :pschip: petE ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) <- note the title is wrong; petE should be going first

    RACE #2: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth) :ps$: vs :pschip: petE ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)

    Race #2: Fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth) :psfist: vs. :kd: petE ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth) :kd: vs. :psfist: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood)

    South Division:

    RACE #2: Zejety ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength) :psfist: vs. :kd: ap49 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Disease)

    RACE #2: Zejety ([Bashing]/Ninjitsu/Discipline) :psfist: vs. :kd: Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire)

    RACE #2: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth) :psfist: vs. :kd: Zejety ([Fire]/Blood/Strength)

    RACE #2: ap49 ([Law]/Peace/Truth) :pschip: vs.
    :ps$: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth)

    RACE #2: Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire) :psfist: vs. :kd: ap49 ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength)

    RACE #2: ap49 ([Law]/Peace/Truth) :kd: vs. :psfist: Bomber678 ([Balance]/Peace/Law)

    RACE #2: Bomber678 ([Demonology]/Peace/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :kd: Zejety ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Bashing)

    RACE #2: Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire) :psfist: vs. :kd: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth)

    RACE #2: Bomber678 ([Future]/Peace/Blood) :kd: vs. :psfist: Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire)

    RACE #2: Bomber678 ([Anarchy]/Blood/Fire) :kd: vs. :psfist: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth)
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  3. EricF

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    Cross-pod pairings

    RACE #2: Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth) :kd: vs. :psfist: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Discipline)

    RACE #2: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth) :psfist: vs. :kd: Khel ([Past]/Present/Future)

    RACE #2: Bomber678 ([Demonology]/Peace/Anarchy) :kd: vs. :psfist: Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth)

    RACE #2: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood) :psfist: vs. :kd: Legion ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth) :psfist: vs. :kd: Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire)

    RACE #2: frozenstorm ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) :kd: vs. :psfist: Zejety ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength)

    RACE #2: Marto ([Discipline]/Strength/Finesse) :psfist: vs. :kd: ap49 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Disease)

    RACE #2: hitogoroshi ([Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy) :kd: vs. :psfist: Bomber678 ([Future]/Peace/Blood)

    RACE #2: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Demonology) :psfist: vs. :kd: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth)

    RACE #2: Beak-Or ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth) :psfist: vs. :kd: Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire)

    RACE #2: Cstick ([Demonology]/Law/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :kd: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth)

    RACE #2: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Finesse) :psfist: vs. :kd: Zejety ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Bashing)

    RACE #2: Khel ([Balance]/Feral/Growth) :kd: vs. :psfist: frozenstorm ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)

    RACE #2: YoungBuck ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :kd: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth)

    RACE #2: Legion ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength) :psfist: vs. :kd: Bomber678 ([Balance]/Peace/Law)

    RACE #2: Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth) :psfist: vs. :kd: ap49 ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength)

    RACE #2: Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth) :kd: vs. :psfist: Marto ([Necromancy]/Present/Truth)

    RACE #2: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth) :psfist: vs. :kd: hitogoroshi ([Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire) :psfist: vs. :kd: Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth)

    RACE #2: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood) :psfist: vs. :kd: Cstick ([Past]/Present/Blood)

    RACE #2: fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth) :ps$: vs. :pschip: Beak-Or ([Disease]/Necromancy/Past)

    RACE #2: Khel ([Anarchy]/Blood/Fire) :kd: vs. :psfist: Marto ([Present]/Necromancy/Truth)

    RACE #2: YoungBuck ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) :psfist: vs. :kd: hitogoroshi ([Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: Legion ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Anarchy) :ps$: vs. :pschip: Beak-Or ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth)

    RACE #2: Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth) :kd: vs. :psfist: Cstick ([Demonology]/Law/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: Zejety ([Bashing]/Ninjitsu/Discipline) :kd: vs. :psfist: fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth)

    RACE #2: ap49 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Disease) :kd: vs. :psfist: frozenstorm ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)

    RACE #2: Bomber678 ([Anarchy]/Blood/Fire) :kd: vs. :psfist: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood)

    RACE #2: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth) :psfist: vs. :kd: Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth)

    RACE #2: Zejety ([Fire]/Blood/Strength) :kd: vs. :psfist: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth)

    RACE #2: ap49 ([Law]/Peace/Truth) :kd: vs. :psfist: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood)

    RACE #2: Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire) :psfist: vs. :kd: Khel ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength)

    RACE #2: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth) :psfist: vs. :kd: Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth)

    RACE #2: frozenstorm ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength) :kd: vs. :psfist: fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth)

    RACE #2: Marto ([Necromancy]/Blood/Truth) :psfist: vs. :kd: YoungBuck ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)

    RACE #2: Beak-Or ([Disease]/Necromancy/Past) :pschip: vs. :ps$: YoungBuck ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength)

    RACE #2: Cstick ([Past]/Present/Blood) :kd: vs. :psfist: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Blood)

    RACE #2: hitogoroshi ([Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy) :kd: vs. :psfist: Legion ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Strength)
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  4. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    Reserved for Top 4 playoffs
  5. frozenstorm

    frozenstorm Active Member

    Me.get(new Hype("RACE 2"))
  6. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    Statistics of submissions (counting each play of each separately):

    56 Black Starters
    46 Purple Starters
    29 Red Starters
    26 White Starters
    14 Blue Starters
    14 Neutral Starters
    3 Green Starters

    60 Necromancy Specs
    51 Demonology Specs
    49 Peace Specs
    46 Anarchy Specs
    38 Past Specs
    37 Fire Specs
    33 Growth Specs
    31 Blood Specs
    31 Discipline Specs
    30 Truth Specs
    26 Strength Specs
    24 Future Specs
    21 Present Specs
    20 Disease Specs
    19 Ninjitsu Specs
    18 Law Specs
    16 Finesse Specs
    9 Balance Specs
    4 Bashing Specs
    1 Feral Specs

    51 Yes Mono-Color
    119 No Mono-Color
    18 Eh Mono-Color

    If you remove the

    8 Black Mono
    13 Purple Mono
    11 Red Mono
    14 White Mono
    4 Blue Mono
    1 Green Mono

    It leaves the following selections from players who chose to go multi-color or splash a Neutral:

    48 Black Starters
    33 Purple Starters
    18 Red Starters
    12 White Starters
    10 Blue Starters
    14 Neutral Starters
    2 Green Starters
    52 Necromancy Specs
    43 Demonology Specs
    45 Peace Specs
    35 Anarchy Specs
    25 Past Specs
    26 Fire Specs
    32 Growth Specs
    20 Blood Specs
    17 Discipline Specs
    26 Truth Specs
    12 Strength Specs
    11 Future Specs
    8 Present Specs
    12 Disease Specs
    5 Ninjitsu Specs
    14 Law Specs
    16 Finesse Specs
    8 Balance Specs
    4 Bashing Specs
    0 Feral Specs
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  7. lettucemode

    lettucemode Patreon Supporter

    I wanted to say something like "west division best division" but I am in South division so the only thing I can think of is "south division uncouth division" which does not shed a good light on the south division
  8. zhavier

    zhavier Active Member

    South Division, Mouth Division? :p
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  9. Cstick

    Cstick Member

    Shouldn't the titles say "RACE 2" instead of "RACE 1" :p
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  10. Zejety

    Zejety Patreon Supporter

    I have the monopole on Bashing! Why am I not happy about this? :D
  11. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    Craziest random happening was that the entire North division is comprised of players who are using the same deck for all 8 matches.
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  12. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    Yes, yes they should. Coding defect found, manual correction made.
  13. lettucemode

    lettucemode Patreon Supporter

    The within pod pairings still say race #1 imo
  14. MooseKnuckles

    MooseKnuckles Active Member

    I'm most surprised by the lack of green starters in this. Apparently nobody is sold on [Gro]/Str/Nec.

    It's also really surprising to me that Calamandra couldn't find a home with anyone.
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  15. Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker

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    Yo @Thelo can you sticky this thread please

    It would help a lot to keep track of this tournament that spans three pages
  16. Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker

    Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker Patreon Supporter

    Also that's not how you pronounce uncouth but ya know
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  17. lettucemode

    lettucemode Patreon Supporter

    Psh. Do tell me more about how to properly pronounce things, Mr Australian
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  18. Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker

    Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker Patreon Supporter

    Well I could give you some tips... but you probably wouldn't believe me
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  19. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    Public service announcement: if you titled your thread RACE #1: {whatever}, please go to "thread tools" (near the top right of the thread) and change it to RACE #2, so the forum Search will work on them.

    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    Thank you,

    PS - @Reaverb Tau, @Screwball, @Alhazard your matches are starting.
  20. mysticjuicer

    mysticjuicer Well-Known Member Ambassador

    South Division, Meowth Division!
  21. Cstick

    Cstick Member

    So I was using ctrl+f to see what decks people were playing and I noticed that @petE doesn't have any cross-pod matches.
  22. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    petE noted that he wouldn't have time to finish 8 games, and I needed an extra player to make the pods even, so I pre-emptively re-assigned his cross-pod matches.

    For any puzzle aficionados out there - you can try to figure out the 4 cross-pod matches originally assigned to petE.
  23. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    @Zero-Integral @Marto just a reminder that RACE #2 has started, and you haven't checked in yet.
  24. Reaverb Tau

    Reaverb Tau Well-Known Member

    @EricF I just noticed I'm marked as playing against lettucemode twice in the cross-pod matches? I presume this isn't correct.
  25. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    I'll take a look at it.
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  26. Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker

    Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker Patreon Supporter

    You know I gotta say, there are a ridiculous number of players and matches to be keeping track of here. This really is a herculean effort by you, Eric. You're a true champion. We all love it.
  27. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    What happened was that I did random pairings for the last quarter of the cross-pod matches. It's a minor miracle that only the one match was a duplicate.

    I swapped two matches around to correct this, affecting @GGBergen.nei @lettucemode @Alhazard, but not affecting any matches that had already started (I hope - if I did, let me know)
    Old pairings:
    RACE #2: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth) vs. Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth)
    RACE #2: GGBergen.nei ([Disease]/Law/Truth) vs. Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth)

    New pairings
    RACE #2: lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth) vs. Alhazard ([Finesse]/Peace/Truth)
    RACE #2: GGBergen.nei ([Disease]/Law/Truth) vs. Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth)
  28. twitch.tv neigutten

    twitch.tv neigutten Well-Known Member

    So I'm not supposed to play against @Cstick ?
  29. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    All other matches are unaffected, so your Cstick match is fine.
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  30. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    I think I have all the links in place for games that have started, and the first 6 matches have resolved!
  31. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    I think I won't be posting intermediate standings, since I don't want to discourage folks from finishing all their games!
  32. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    Fun facts:
    In prior events, Necromancy has had an 80% (24/32) win rate, excluding matches where it played alongside Disease, and excluding matches with Necromancy on both sides.

    Disease has had a 25% (5/20) win rate (3/11 when not paired with Necromancy).
  33. MooseKnuckles

    MooseKnuckles Active Member

    I've kind of been kicking around putting together a tier list. The biggest hangup I have is whether Necromancy is S or A class (I'm leaning S).
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  34. Alhazard

    Alhazard Well-Known Member

    I claim it is A because if you are claiming S, that makes it God tier and no one I believe argues that you have to beat this or learn to beat it. Past/Peace/X is a very powerful archetype. Haven't really paid attention the PBF to know all the other top tier archetypes that might not use Necromancy. Necromancy also has weak T2 and T3 options compared to the other top tier specs.
  35. zhavier

    zhavier Active Member

    I like necromancy for its T1 and hero/spells. If I don't have the black starter, I find T2 to be difficult to use.

    I'd be interested in more granularity to the stats, like which spells and units are tech'd the most, which heroes are summoned the most... But of course that is not easy data to collect.
  36. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    A tier is Necro, Demon, Anarchy, Str, Growth, and maybe some more.

    All the data is there in the games, if someone wants to collect it.
  37. zhavier

    zhavier Active Member

    Exactly, not easy, but possible.
  38. MooseKnuckles

    MooseKnuckles Active Member

    Yeah, there's very rare situations where you want to be using necromancy's T2/T3. This doesn't really matter in Codex, though, as you only need to have one spec bringing a solid tech 2+/

    I think Garth's kit is in a tier just a bit below Vandy and Rook, which alone makes it a welcome addition to a lot of lineups. Bone Collector is (for me) the top T1 unit, which is really, really important.

    The thing that's most impressive about necromancy is how well it synergizes with just about any deck. If your plan is to rush or beatdown, bone collector is the best T1 unit by far. If you're looking to go later, lich's bargain is a greate way to get there, and doom grasp/nether drain provides a lot of answers. Either way you can efficiently use Garth's card draw on top of all of it.
  39. hitogoroshi

    hitogoroshi Active Member

    Hey @GGBergen.nei, don't forget you have to start four of the match threads yourself as P1 :)
  40. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    The cross-pod matches for @GGBergen.nei have been dropped and re-paired. New matches are:

    RACE #2: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Demonology) vs. Screwball ([Anarchy]/Blood/Fire)

    RACE #2: Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire) vs. Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth)

    @Bob199 @Reaverb Tau @Screwball
  41. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    The cross-pod matches for @Mad King have been dropped and re-paired. New matches are:

    RACE #2: ap49 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Disease) vs. frozenstorm ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)

    RACE #2: Marto ([Necromancy]/Blood/Truth) vs. YoungBuck ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)

    @Marto @YoungBuck @ap49 @frozenstorm
  42. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    The in-pod matches for @Mad King have been dropped, and the pod has been re-paired with minimal disruption to ongoing matches. @petE @Reaverb Tau @zhavier @MooseKnuckles @fodazd here are the changes:

    Matches Dropped:

    RACE #2: Mad King ([Past]/Present/Future) vs. Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth)

    RACE #2: Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth) vs. petE ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)

    RACE #2: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth) vs. Mad King ([Past]/Present/Future)

    RACE #2: petE ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth)

    RACE #1: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood) vs. Mad King ([Past]/Present/Future)

    RACE #2: Mad King ([Past]/Present/Future) vs. fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth)

    New Matches:

    RACE #2: Reaverb Tau [Fire]/Demonology/Growth) vs. fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth)

    RACE #2: MooseKnuckles ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Blood) vs. zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth)

    RACE #2: petE ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. Reaverb Tau ([Fire]/Demonology/Growth)

    RACE #2: zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth) vs petE ([Past]/Peace/Anarchy)

    Feel free to either make new threads, or re-name your existing threads as desired. Please draw a new starting hand in all cases.
  43. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    The cross-pod matches for @Zero-Integral have been dropped and re-paired. New matches are:

    RACE #2: fodazd ([Future]/Anarchy/Growth) vs. Bob199 ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Fire)

    RACE #2: Screwball ([Anarchy]/Blood/Fire) vs. frozenstorm ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)

    @Bob199 @Screwball @frozenstorm @fodazd
  44. frozenstorm

    frozenstorm Active Member

    @Screwball I'll leave it to you to start our game!
  45. Bob199

    Bob199 Well-Known Member

  46. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    I'm going to trust that it wont go down before the end of the primary gameplay.

    The top 4 will take place on the new forum.

    I'll also be moving the info about how to play pbp, tournament rules, and historical results over.
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  47. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    @Screwball has been dropped, and his remaining matches have been re-paired as follows:


    RACE #2: Bomber678 ([Demonology]/Peace/Anarchy) vs. Zejety ([Discipline]/Ninjitsu/Bashing)

    RACE #2: ap49 ([Law]/Peace/Truth) vs. lettucemode ([Peace]/Strength/Growth)


    RACE #2: EricF ([Past]/Peace/Demonology) vs. zhavier ([Fire]/Necromancy/Growth)

    RACE #2: Khel ([Balance]/Feral/Growth) vs. frozenstorm ([Demonology]/Necromancy/Balance)

    @Khel @Bomber678 @ap49 feel free to re-title your existing threads, and tag @Zejety @lettucemode and @frozenstorm in them.
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  48. Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker

    Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker Patreon Supporter

    I'm pretty sure screwball was supposed to be going first against me. Did you just re randomise?
  49. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    Sort of. I prioritized not having a re-match over keeping the number of times going first the same, so two of you ended up on the opposite side of the first/second divide.
  50. jasonwocky

    jasonwocky Active Member

    But how much of that bottom Disease stat is just me? :)

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