Race #2 - Pairings and Results

Discussion in 'Codex: Play by Post' started by EricF, Aug 15, 2016.

  1. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    11 of them :p
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  2. jasonwocky

    jasonwocky Active Member

    Well I'm not done running up that score one way or another yet :)
  3. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    @Zero-Integral @ap49 just a reminder that you have matches where you are going first that you have not yet started.
  4. hitogoroshi

    hitogoroshi Active Member

    @GGBergen.nei also qualifies, has a match against me that hasn't started :)
  5. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    I'm adding one additional match to the West division, due to the large number of 'drops' in that pod:

    @Cstick @hitogoroshi :

    RACE #2: Cstick ([Demonology]/Law/Anarchy) vs hitogoroshi ([Discipline]/Necromancy/Anarchy)
  6. Bob199

    Bob199 Well-Known Member

    When's deadline to be finished?
  7. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

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  8. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    12 days left - I've added more :ps$: / :pschip: results where players have fallen so far behind that their matches are likely to be decided by lack of activity at deadline. Those are not final results - if more activity occurs, the actual result will, of course, take precedence.

    Overall we're down to just 6 matches that I don't have a tentative result for... and the final 4 are not yet determined because of that!
  9. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

  10. Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker

    Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker Patreon Supporter

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  11. frozenstorm

    frozenstorm Active Member

    I think a lot of us are waiting on @Beak-Or, who hasn't been online in a couple weeks :/
  12. hitogoroshi

    hitogoroshi Active Member

    To be fair, a lot of it is also me. I know it really sucks to flake late enough I can't get rematched and give some people disproportionally easy routes to finals, but I also work in health IT in the US which means that sometimes everything becomes terrible for no reason

    I'll see what I can do tonight though!
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  13. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    I think you've done a good job of working on your matches.
  14. frozenstorm

    frozenstorm Active Member

    Ya you've had some breaks @hitogoroshi but everybody does sometimes. I am in IT (software) and my first 3 jobs were in Healthcare companies, I know how it goes ;)
  15. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    All results are in or awarded - thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations to our top finishers!

    The top 4 playoffs will take place on the New Forums.

    Pod results:
    1. North (11-5-4)
    2. East (12-8)
    3. West (9-11)
    4. South (6-14)

    Individual Results (revised to fix two wrong YoungBuck results):

    1. EricF (8-0) in the East; 6 RACE points
    2. zhavier (7-1) in the North; 6 RACE points
    3. YoungBuck (6-2) in the East; 6 RACE points
    4. Cstick (6-2) in the West; 6 RACE points
    5. Marto (6-2) in the West; 5 RACE points
    6. MooseKnuckles (5-3) in the North; 4 RACE points
    7. fodazd (5-3) in the North; 3 RACE points
    8. Legion (5-3) in the East; 3 RACE points
    9. frozenstorm (5-3) in the West; 3 RACE points
    10. Bob199 (5-3) in the South; 2 RACE points
    11. lettucemode (5-3) in the South; 2 RACE points
    12. Alhazard (4-4) in the East; 2 RACE points
    13. Reaverb Tau (3-5) in the North; 2 RACE points
    14. Bomber678 (3-5) in the South; 2 RACE points
    15. Zejety (3-5) in the South; 2 RACE points
    16. petE (1-3) in the North; 1 RACE points
    17. Zero-Integral (0-4) in the East; 1 RACE points
    18. Khel (1-7) in the East; 1 RACE points
    19. hitogoroshi (1-7) in the West; 1 RACE points
    20. ap49 (0-8) in the South; 1 RACE points
    21. Beak-Or (1-6) in the West; 1 RACE points
    Dropped: GGBergen.nei, Mad King, Screwball

    After removing dropped matches, sorted by popularity:

    Black Starters (22-18); 55%
    Purple Starters (19-10); 66%

    White Starters (9-15); 38%
    Red Starters (8-11); 42%

    Blue Starters (4-7); 36%
    Neutral Starters (5-5); 50%
    Green Starters (1-2); 33%

    Necromancy Specs (24-25); 49%
    Demonology Specs (23-22); 51%
    Peace Specs (23-16); 59%
    Anarchy Specs (15-18); 45%
    Growth Specs (16-13); 55%
    Discipline Specs (12-17); 41%
    Fire Specs (13-14); 48%
    Strength Specs (13-11); 54%
    Blood Specs (10-11); 48%
    Past Specs (13-7); 65%
    Ninjitsu Specs (9-9); 50%
    Truth Specs (8-7); 53%
    Finesse Specs (7-5); 58%
    Future Specs (5-7); 42%
    Balance Specs (4-5); 44%
    Present Specs (3-5); 38%
    Law Specs (5-3); 63%
    Disease Specs (0-5); 0%
    Bashing Specs (1-3); 25%
    Feral Specs (0-1); 0%

    Yes Mono-Color (8-17); 32%
    No Mono-Color (54-43); 56%
    Neutral + Mono-Color (6-8); 43%

    Going First (45-35); 56%
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  16. frozenstorm

    frozenstorm Active Member

    @EricF I believe you have @YoungBuck marked incorrectly at 4-4, I count 5-3 as marked on the previous page, and the game vs @Khel is marked incorrectly as a loss for him. He was in fact 6-2!
  17. YoungBuck

    YoungBuck Member

    Hmm yeah looks like I was 3-1 in pod for East (Wins with Legion, Zero-Integral, and Khel, lost with Alhazard) and 3-1 in RR (Wins with lettucemode, hitogoroshi, and Beak-or by default, and lost with Marto)

    Sets up an odd situuation though, as I would tie with Legion, C-Stick, and Marto. Won H2H with legion, but lost to Marto, and wasn't 4-0 in pod like CStick.

    Thoughts @EricF
  18. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    Looks like I actually had two errors - apologies to @YoungBuck and @Zejety.

    Fortunately, the revised standings result in a clean replacement of Zejety with YoungBuck at 3rd place. @YoungBuck message me in the new forum with which of your decks you want to use in the final 4, and I'll swap you in.

    (Because you were in the East pod, which was a more difficult pod, you are ranked ahead of Cstick and Marto from the West pod)
  19. YoungBuck

    YoungBuck Member

    @EricF So turns out Im still on trust level 0 for new forums and dont have messaging provledges, so I'll take Past Peace Anarchy for ht eplay off deck!
  20. Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker

    Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker Patreon Supporter

    I don't quite get the stats here... What do they mean in red and green highlight? Is that the mono/non-mono indicator? Cause it doesn't make sense that anarchy is coloured red, since it was definitely used in non-mono decks...
    So maybe I missed what the colours mean.
  21. MooseKnuckles

    MooseKnuckles Active Member

    It looks like he's highlighting notable win percentages, where there's sufficient games to say so, right?
  22. EricF

    EricF Well-Known Member

    This. Green for over-performers, Red for under-performers.
  23. Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker

    Bryce "The Rice" Fieldworker Patreon Supporter

    Wow was I the only person using green starter
    Good thing I got rich earth nerfed or everyone would use it
    #oops #ripgreen #Imbadatbalance #seriouslystoplisteningtome

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