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by Leontes at 9:01 PM
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Hey guys! You may have heard me mention something about a new board game cafe in Berkeley, CA. We recently sent them the full suite of Sirlin Games (Yomi, Puzzle Strike, Pandante, Flash Duel) and I've been invited to come run live demos of our stuff on Monday, December 7th at 6:00pm (two weeks from now!)

Victory Point Cafe is doing a weekly "Open Gaming" thing on Mondays where people without gaming groups are invited to come crash in on stuff and play things they haven't played before.

So if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and are free that night, come check it out! I will definitely be there earlier than 6pm to hang out and get some casuals in (come face my IRL :midori:!).

See you there!
by Leontes at 10:23 PM
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Hey guys! Bust out your airhorns!

Over the past few years, we have seen our community grow immensely with the help of tournament organizers, video streamers and community-building madmen. What was once a quickmatch ghost town has transformed into a bustling arena of tournament and league matches, with many fans recording videos, providing match commentary and building tremendous hype, culminating in such tremendous events as Summer Smash II and the International Yomi League.

None of this would have been possible without the combined efforts of our fantastic community. To follow in the footsteps of another awesome game developer, I'd like to formally announce:

The Fantasy Strike Ambassador Program!

This program is our way of giving thanks to those notable community members who have made it their mission to expand the player base and create fantastic content. There are many of you out there who are doing your part...
by Sirlin at 3:56 AM
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If you'd like to get in on early access to a full set of physical Codex cards (starter set + all expansions + tracking chits) many months before we even start preparing the mass-produced version, act now. All these cards have cost $165 for Patreon patrons so far, but now you can get one a limited number of slots at a discount.

To learn more about Codex, check out these articles:

Codex Design Articles
Codex Design: Cards and Gold As Resources
Codex Design: Heroes and Tech Buildings
Codex Design: Combat and the Patrol Zone

To get one of the limited number of early access slots, do this:

1) Sign up at as a patron at the $25 level for at least one month on Sirlin's Patreon.

2) Once you're a patron,...
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(I did not write this up, @LK4O4 did. So if you like this tournament report please "like" the first post LK4O4 makes in this thread no matter how crazy his first post is. Also I hope the copy and paste transferred over everything smoothly)

Hello there! Ryan (@LK4O4) here!

Last weekend, I organized an in-person Yomi tournament with several members in Pasadena, California! And as someone who's never run an in-person tournament before, I wanted to write a report to hopefully provide some useful advice and to maybe inspire others to run a Yomi tournament in their area!

I had originally posted in the forums asking if there were Yomi players in the Los Angeles area who were interested in just meeting up. I didn't start with the idea of running a tournament, but once I got a large enough response from other players in the area, a tournament just seemed like the best...