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Tonight at 7pm (PDT) we'll stream an exhibition match of Pandante using the fan-made online version. Watch it and learn about the game and maybe we'll see some hype lying pandas!

Link to the stream:
Link to play the online version:
(It's free! Thanks to Xom's heroic efforts for creating it.)

If you'd like to actually participate as a player in the exhibition, show up for our pre-stream tests at 5:30pm and also stop by this chat room to tell us.

There's also only 3 days left on the Pandante kickstarter, so get in while you can.
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The Rook & DeGrey decks are now available, both the physical and print-and-play version. You can get them here.


Rook the stone golem is the organizer of the Fantasy Strike tournament. He's a powerful grappler, which means he has lots of throws including his devastating (but difficult to land) four Ace super throw.

Normally in Yomi, when your opponent blocks your normal attack, you get to draw a card. But Rook's defense mastery prevents that, so you might find yourself low on cards against him and wanting to block. That plays right into his plan of throwing you though. Rook is also special in all the game in that he's the only character with no dodges at all. He also has the most hit points in the game, and he's just so powerful that he doesn't even need dodges!...
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The third Fantasy Strike Expo will take place June 5th-7th 2015 near the San Francisco airport. It's a tournament series and casual play event showcasing the Fantasy Strike tabletop games. Come compete, watch, and make new friends with other Fantasy Strikers. There's also a chance to try out Codex, still in development. Last year's event was really fun so don't miss out.

Registration link:

Location: Marriot Courtyard San Francisco Airport.
1050 Bayhill Drive, San Bruno, California 94066 USA.

Discuss Fantasy Strike Expo on the forums.

All tournaments will take place Saturday and Sunday June 6th and 7th. Tournament finals...
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I’m going to make a change to the Pandante stretch goals that benefits all our backers.


Pandante is such a great game that I want to put out the best version I possibly can components-wise, no matter what funding level we reach. Even if we only raise a portion of what’s needed to fully fund this print run, I’m willing to pay for the component upgrades that I think Pandante and Flash Duel should have. I’m hoping that eventually positive word of mouth about the games will make that a worthwhile choice.

Golden Panda Coin. This coin is so hype! When you feel it in your hands, it has a coolness factor that makes you want to win it in the game. I didn’t know what the quality of the coin would be when we first started out, but now that I have physical samples...