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  1. ePharmazone
    ePharmaZone is an online pharmacy company that is committed to giving you order mtp kit overnight delivery..
  2. MR
    Repeat after me, I'll never take on a god again
  3. RowaseCarmihara
    RowaseCarmihara Star Slayer
    wait what your profile picture changed. How did this happen?
    1. Star Slayer
      Star Slayer
      Steven Universe happened? And I also was Korra for a while. There went my "one avatar for all eternity" approach...
      Sep 24, 2016
    2. RowaseCarmihara
      I mean, Steven Universe happening is a pretty reasonable thing...
      Sep 27, 2016
  4. Redless
    To search the lagoon
  5. Redless
    The Duchess was summoned
  6. Redless
    Lochlan's dear goldfish went missing that noon
  7. Blackpepper511
    If life gives you melons, go and make some melonade
  8. mysticjuicer
    Hahahaha! Mine is an evil laugh!
  9. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer Twenty-Seven
    eyyyy, happy birthday! :D
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  10. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer Jengajam
    eyyy, happy birthday! :D
  11. arodae6re
    We don't question our good fortune. We accept it and move on.
  12. CloudCuckooCountry
  13. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer wampuh
    eyyyyy! happy birthday wampuh!
  14. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer cpat
    holy shit it's your birthday! the c in cpat stands for congratulations!
    1. cpat
      Thanks MJ! I did the thing
      Jul 26, 2016
  15. Redless
    Why think so much? Let US think for YOU! More time to shop More time to YOU
  16. DWednesday
    Somewhere between scrub and squid.
  17. DWednesday
    Somewhere between scrub and squid.
  18. De Fern
  19. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer Corroyeur
    Happy birthday! :D
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  20. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer RoyalLance
    eyyy happy birthday man!
  21. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer j.A Morant
    Holy shit, happy birthday dude! The big two-five! #RoundNumbersHype
  22. BandonT
    Winning moment is always enjoying!
  23. Jonny D Jonny Jonny D D
  24. cabbagemode
    a cabbage is green but that do not mean that he is a frog trust me
  25. cabbagemode
    a cabbage is green but that do not mean that he is a frog trust me
  26. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer P10
    Hey, sorry if this is completely random, but you wouldn't happen to have this same handle on the Penny-Arcade forums?
  27. Pelpito723
    What's up with the puzzle strike app?
  28. LungDrago
    mistress avrae
  29. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer Titus_Neighbors
    Happy birthday Kasumi! <3
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  30. fsteak (3)
  31. rabid_schnauzer
    Already spent too much on Sirlin games.
  32. Legion
    Legion Twenty-Seven
    What a cute new avatar <3! Sure, compared to that oddball, anything is cuter :P
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  33. Astaroth
  34. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer saturninhinhin
    Hey, happy birthday! :D
    1. saturninhinhin
      Thanks :)
      Apr 3, 2016
  35. frozenstorm
    frozenstorm Pooh_Bear
    Where in the Twin Cities are you located Pooh?
    1. Pooh_Bear
      Lowertown, Saint Paul. You?
      Apr 4, 2016
  36. Zejety
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    2. mysticjuicer
      best. avatar. EVER!
      Mar 30, 2016
  37. huhas
    The Codex hype is so real
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  38. tak
    Forum's thread [ Yomi Survival run ] How to defeat 42 yomibots in row [ Menelker ]
  39. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer Ralph Cecil
    Happy birthday! :D
  40. DiscoCokkroach
  41. fsteak (3)
    fsteak (3)
    "Let your country control your mind, let your country control your soul"
  42. BrotandaStation
    I just really want to play Codex repeatedly.
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  43. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer Reganstar
    Happy Birthday reganstar!
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  44. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer hamvvar
    Happy birthday! :D
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    2. hamvvar
      Hey thanks juicer

      Feb 4, 2016
  45. Yagtazir
    The biggest minds know that an open mind is just as important as a closed one. They know when to learn, and when to apply what was learned.
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  46. DillonEA
    Ongoing Quest: Failing to Get Good at Yomi.
    1. mysticjuicer
      I think I've identified the problem! ;) But for real, I'm cheering you on! Who you playing these days?
      Feb 1, 2016
    2. DillonEA
      Main Gloria and Geiger. Also play Arg, Zane and Quince.

      Also, you've identified the problem? Dangit, if I fix the problem then how can I keep being self-deprecating?! :P
      Feb 2, 2016
    3. mysticjuicer
      Not one for the simple characters, eh? XD Cool range of fighters! Also, never let success hold you back from self-deprecation! That's self-deprecation 101! ;)
      Feb 2, 2016
  47. Yagtazir
    I'll brood for a while. There is some work to be done on this cloudy mind.
  48. Yagtazir
    I shouldn't feel so salty after I lose. Minerals are essential to the body :/
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    2. Yagtazir
      I thought the deal with status is they are... you know, status. They come, go and change. I'm not feeling as salty anymore. When I feel salty, it's generally lack of knowledge. Now that I know more about Yomi, it isn't so bad. But thanks anyway!
      Feb 1, 2016
    3. mysticjuicer
      I comment on everything. :S
      Feb 1, 2016
    4. Yagtazir
      I know... keep doing it.
      Feb 2, 2016
  49. RoyalLance
  50. mysticjuicer
    mysticjuicer Logo
    Happy birthday and happy new year! :)