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by Leontes at 1:20 AM
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Hey guys, so it's been a whole day since our big announcement of relaunching the website, and there have been a lot of questions and concerns about what's going to happen to the community. I want to try to quell some of your fears and help you understand exactly what we're attempting to accomplish with these changes. Please bear with us during this transitional phase.

Firstly, we’ve heard your passionate concerns about what sort of off-topic discussion is allowed on our new forums. A bit more off-topic stuff is allowed than you realize, but in any case, we’re discussing internally adding off-topic forums, too.

We'll need a bit of time to work out the details and logistics (moderation policy for those, which topics will be allowed, whether it’s multiple sections or not, etc). Give us some time, we just want you to know you’ve been heard and we’re addressing your concerns.

Secondly, why switch to a brand new forum system at all? For a long time, many users have...
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Hey guys! Big news announcement!

Over the years, our web presence has been a bit scattered. We sold tabletop games on one site and hosted forums on another. We had a News feed on the forum's site, but it looked pretty outdated. Now we've integrated all that into one site at the brand new!

We've also added an "Events" tab at the top of the site. We've especially had a lot of Yomi tournaments, but we haven't had a good way of communicating to the general public when those are, how to sign up, and how to arrange matches online for online tournaments. Now that info will be more clear and easy to find!

We've also modernized the forums to use Discourse's software. Discourse is built around the idea of encouraging good behavior in posting so it helps communities be a more pleasant place. We like that, and we hope you'll enjoy the cleaner UI too. You can go sign up now on the new forums!

Overall we're really excited to have a brand...
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Haven't picked up Yomi or Puzzle Strike on Steam yet?

Both base games and expansion characters are on sale for $9.89 each until July 4th at 10am PDT!
Pick 'em up now while you still can!

Also don't forget to support all of your other favorite game companies by taking advantage of the sale!​
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The fourth Fantasy Strike Expo will take place June 3rd-5th 2016 near the San Francisco airport. It's a tournament series and casual play event showcasing the Fantasy Strike video game and tabletop games. Come compete, watch, and make new friends with other Fantasy Strikers. Last year's event was really fun so don't miss out. It's also my birthday, so my present is that all of you come and make it a great event.

Registration link:

1350 Veterans Boulevard, S. San Francisco, California 94080 USA
(A new location from last year.)

Discuss Fantasy Strike Expo on the forums.

All tournaments will take place Saturday and Sunday June 4th and 5th....