Argagarg (Yomi)

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Yomi Argagarg character card

Argagarg Garg, Water Shaman

Fish men aren't savages, they win through wisdom and patience, and yet they're still exciting to play!

Humans see the Merfolk (or "fish people") as a barbaric race, but the stereotype is all wrong. Argagarg is a cultural leader and he preaches non-violence and tolerance. They say his heart is bigger than any human's. While some want war with the warlike-humans, Argagarg prefers a diplomatic attempt.

Argagarg draws on the magic of water spirits, demonstrating that water can crash, but it can also flow. It's dangerous and gentle; it can take any form, yet it's formless. Few have the patience to grind down Argagarg when he's able to keep their attacks at bay.

Card images

Yomi Argagarg 2 Yomi Argagarg 3 Yomi Argagarg 4
Yomi Argagarg 5 Yomi Argagarg 6 Yomi Argagarg 7
Yomi Argagarg 8 Yomi Argagarg 9 Yomi Argagarg 10
Yomi Argagarg J Yomi Argagarg Q Yomi Argagarg K
Yomi Argagarg A Yomi Argagarg Joker