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BBB character card

Bal-Bas-Beta, Clockwork Guardian

"Beep boop! Reporting for duty."

Bal-Bas-Beta, or BBB for short, is a clockwork automation--a robot of sorts.

Max Geiger built BBB and imbued him with sentience and personality. (The previous B-B-Alpha didn't work out so well.) Although Geiger is well-known for his skill with clockwork parts as well as his knowledge of science and engineering, the creation of BBB raised suspicions in Flagstone because it seemed a bit too advanced. Did Geiger get help from someone? Or from another time period? There are rumors he has communicated with an ancient lost race that had incredibly advanced technology, though most believe that stories of the Vortoss are just stories. (There are also stories that they are a playable faction in the upcoming non-collectable, yes-customizable card game.)

In any case, General Onimaru saw the clockwork man and immediately recognized its military potential. He ordered the production of an entire army of clockwork soldiers. Unfortunately, producing clockwork soldiers requires significant resources so Quince began scouring the Pandalands, Murkwood, the Golden Plains, and other regions for gold, silver, other minerals, lumber, and so on. Geiger suddenly left Flagstone, though his work was continued by Flagstone's new head of R&D, Dr. Beverly "Nova" Villanova.

While BBB is a friendly and inquisitive being, the mass-produced clockwork soldiers that came after him lack his charm. BBB hopes to reunite with Geiger someday.


Life: 80

Max Combo: 2

Long Range: When your [range] moves are blocked or win combat, set combat to ranged next turn. At range:

  • Non-[range] moves become Enders, can't be pumped, and don't deal damage or block damage.
  • Players can't play throws, except [range] throws.
  • Return the first face card you play each combat to your hand.
  • Your normal attacks are speed 1.0.

Lose range at the end of a turn in which both players blocked or you got hit by a non-[range] move.
(In 2v2 and 2v1, cancel range if there are no BBBs on the battlefield.)

Normal attacks: x damage, Speed x.8

Normal throws: 7 damage, Speed x.4, 1 CP Starter

2: Attack 2 (2) dmg, speed 2.8, 1 CP normal [Range] // Block

3: Attack 3 (2) dmg, speed 3.8, 1 CP normal [Range] // Block

4: Attack 4 (2) dmg, speed 4.8, 1 CP normal [Range] // Block

5: Block // Dodge

6: Attack 6 (2) dmg, speed 6.8, 1 CP normal [Range] // Block

7: Robo Headbutt: Attack 10 (2) dmg, speed 2.8, 1 CP normal // Throw 7 dmg, speed 7.4, 1 CP Starter // *Robo Headbutt
Robo Headbutt: [During Combat] If you combat-reveal Robo Headbutt and it wins combat, you may play another full combo.

8: Block // Throw 7 dmg, speed 8.4, 1 CP Starter

9: Block // Throw 7 dmg, speed 9.4, 1 CP Starter // *Overdrive
Overdrive: [Draw Phase] This turn, your face cards deal +3 damage and your: - Long Arm (Jack) can't be interrupted except by knockdowns - Junkshot (Queen) is unblockable - Extensor Grab (King) sets range even if it hits after a dodge.

10: Dodge // Throw 7 dmg, speed 10.4, 1 CP Starter

Jack: Cog Shot: Attack (KD) 8 (2) dmg, speed 2.4, 1 CP Starter // Long Arm: Attack 7 (2) damage, speed 3.0, 1 CP Linker

Queen: Junkshot: Attack 13 (13) dmg, speed 2.2, Can't Combo. Requires range. // Gyro Spin: Close-only Attack 5+5 (+2 any) (3) dmg, speed 2.2, 1 CP Linker

King: Extensor Grab: Throw (KD) 8 dmg, speed 8.6, Can't Combo. [Range] [Gives range.]

Ace: Piston Hurricane: Close-only Attack 21+7 (+A+A) (3) dmg, speed 0.4, Can't Combo AA // Beta Thrust: Attack 11 (2) dmg, speed 1.4, 1 CP Ender


Q: Do BBB's Jack and Beta Thrust Ace give range when they are blocked or win combat? (They have crosshairs over their damage splotches.)

A: No. They don't have the [range] icon in their info bar, and do not give range. The crosshairs over their damage splotches mean that their damage is not negated by Long Range.

Q: If I gain range by playing Extensor Grab, can I return it to hand?

A: No. You only gain range at the next turn, so you can't return the Extensor Grab to hand.

Q: If I lose range by getting my face card hit, can I return it to hand?

A: Yes. You only lose range at the end of the turn, so Long Range still applies for this combat and you can return the face card to your hand.

Q: If I dodge into a normal attack or Extensor Grab, do I gain range?

A: No, because you did not win combat with a [range] move.

Q: Can I play multiple Overdrives in a single turn, and have a bigger damage bonus to attacks?

A: Yes.

Q: After winning combat with a Robo Headbutt, can I trigger a second Robo Headbutt as part of my second combo?

A: You can play Robo Headbutt as a regular Can't Combo attack, but it will not trigger the Robo Headbutt ability, because you did not combat-reveal it.

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