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FD DeGrey character card


Jefferson DeGrey, Ghostly Diplomat

If debate and rhetoric fall short, Pilebunker your way to justice!

DeGrey is a master of language and debate. He fights for the rights of all, even those of low status, or the poor. If there is an injustice being done, he's compelled to right it, or at least expose it to the world. And if justice requires his mighty glove to get done, then so be it. Only tyrants need fear tyrant-killers. His outspoken views in Flagstone City caused him to end up imprisoned at Daggerfall, which he knew would happen, but does not regret.

DeGrey's is much older than his body would suggest. Long ago, at the moment of his would-be death, he struck a deal with the night that let him live until his true task is fulfilled. A ghost watches over him to make sure he keeps up his bargain. Though she delights in tormenting him, she ultimately supports him when he needs help.


FD Pilebunker FD Spectral Pull FD Spectral Push


Spectral Push

DeGrey doesn't need to be adjacent to an opponent to use this ability. He can use it to push from any distance as long as the victim is on the correct color square.

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Deathstrike Dragon

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