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FD DeGrey character card

Jefferson DeGrey, Ghostly Diplomat

If debate and rhetoric fall short, Pilebunker your way to justice!

DeGrey is a master of language and debate. He fights for the rights of all, even those of low status, or the poor. If there is an injustice being done, he's compelled to right it, or at least expose it to the world. And if justice requires his mighty glove to get done, then so be it. Only tyrants need fear tyrant-killers. His outspoken views in Flagstone City caused him to end up imprisoned at Daggerfall, which he knew would happen, but does not regret.

DeGrey's is much older than his body would suggest. Long ago, at the moment of his would-be death, he struck a deal with the night that let him live until his true task is fulfilled. A ghost watches over him to make sure he keeps up his bargain. Though she delights in tormenting him, she ultimately supports him when he needs help.


FD Pilebunker FD Spectral Pull FD Spectral Push



Spectral Push

DeGrey doesn't need to be adjacent to an opponent to use this ability. He can use it to push from any distance as long as the victim is on the correct color square.


DeGrey fights for Truth, Justice and Pilebunkers. His abilities make it easy to start his offence, or protect himself from reckless dashing strikes.

Spectral Push
Spectral Push
Spectral Push
and Pull
Spectral Pull
Spectral Pull
serve similar functions and cover each other nicely. These get around the opponent's defence or allow for superior positioning. Pilebunker
is DeGrey's signature ability. Any dashing strike that ends up in 1~3 range has to fear a retreat into a game winning attack. Even without 4s, the threat of it can deter otherwise solid dashing strikes.


  • Great offence and defence through superior positioning and fear of Pilebunker.
  • Abilities are simple to use but require a lot of thought to play around.


  • Can't speed up or slow down the rate cards are drawn to control time out, barring extremely rare corner cases with Pilebunker.
  • Pilebunker may end up weak or useless with bad draws and become a bluff at best.

Default Strategy

DeGrey wants to use Spectral Push
Spectral Push
Spectral Push
/ Pull
Spectral Pull
Spectral Pull
and the threat of Pilebunker
to get the first dashing strike, then convert that into victory. Landing successive strikes is made easier by Spectral Push/Pull. Even if one of these gets blocked, the threat of Pilebunker throttles the opponent's offence to keep them at a disadvantage.

When players are cautiously entering 8~10 range, Spectral Pull can be used to put them where you have a strong dashing strike, and Spectral Push can be used to move forward while keeping the opponent at a comfortable distance. With hands that are weaker at long range, Pilebunker allows bold plays such as moving to 6~7 range. The opponent will have to think hard before going for a dashing strike.

Regarding Pilebunker, don't always hoard 4s. Certainly three 4s is too much to hang onto. A pair is often ideal. Even a single 4 is great provided some 4s are in the discard pile. If the opportunity to dashing strike with 4s presents itself, strongly consider it. A successful offensive opening is worth more than perhaps landing Pilebunker later.

Keep in mind you can't cover every option. 4s and 5s defend against opponents trying to avoid letting you Pilebunker but you need 1, 2 and 3 to guarantee a retreat into Pilebunker. Sometimes you wont have any 4s, either. DeGrey is flexible, so play to the hand you're dealt.

Fighting Against DeGrey

This is a hard match up to learn, there're extra questions to think about on top of the usual gameplay:

"Will moving to this dark/light space get me pushed/pulled somewhere bad?"

Before moving, check if being pushed
Spectral Push
Spectral Push
or pulled
Spectral Pull
Spectral Pull
would open you up to an attack you can't block, or a dashing strike you are unlikely to defend. No matter where you go, DeGrey's going to have the option, so it's important to keep track of. "Am I dead to Pilebunker
if I dashing strike?"

The obvious way around this is to dashing strike with 4s or 5s. That's not always possible though, so keep an eye on what's in the discard. If you dashing strike with 1, 2 or 3 DeGrey must retreat with 3, 2 or 1 to Pilebunker. If he's unlikely to have the card needed to pilebunker you, it might be worth going for.

If you are a character that can manipulate the turn time out happens, try to make sure you get the last decision in the round. DeGrey has next to no ability to control time out, and he's so hard to rush down that time out is often a good chance to win even when on the back foot.

Don't be discouraged if you eat a bunch of Pilebunkers while you figure the match up.

Last Tip

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little safety deserve neither." - DeGrey

Credit to Fim for this strategy guide

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