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FD Grave character card


Grave Stormborne, Wind Warrior

Use training, discipline, and the spirit of storm dragons to read your opponents!

Grave lives to improve his skills every day, wondering what limits there are to a person's potential. He's dedicated, serious, and strong-willed. He carries a sword, but he was warned at a young age to "use it only when necessary, and no more." He has no such limit on tapping power from the blue dragons of lightning and thunder, though.

Grave trains alongside his sister Jaina and under Master Midori at his dojo in Dragon Tail Vale. Grave cares little about politics, and instead focuses on individual power. Many expect him to win the Fantasy Strike tournament against the previously undefeated Rook.


FD Reversal FD Martial Mastery FD Knowing the Opponent



To "counter" an ability means to negate it. When an opponent announces they will use an ability, Grave can use Reversal in response and prevent the enemy's ability from ever happening. The opponent still turns their ability card face down. If the opponent’s ability would trigger when they move or dashing strike, look at the space they land (rather than the space they started on) to check if they activated the ability “from a dark space.”

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