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Gwen character card

Gwen Grayson, Doomed Wanderer


"Give it all you got, with what time you have left!"

Gwen is a former healer who is now afflicted with Shadow Plague.

Gwen grew up helping and healing animals and people, alongside her sister Gloria. They both practiced martial arts together, and travelled the Realm to help others.

While nothing could ever get Gloria down, Gwen was often affected by the personal tragedies they witnessed. They can't save every patient. That said, Gwen was always better in crisis situations because she is the more decisive of the two. Gwen knows that every decision about treating a patient or not treating one is a risk. In a tough situation, one might be tempted to do nothing, or to avoid taking any action that might backfire, but the correct decision is the one that maximizes the patient's chances, whatever that may be. Gwen has a practicality that her more idealistic sister sometimes lacks.

Gwen's understanding of the odds surprised many during her visit to the Pandalands. No one expected the foreign healers to be any good at Pandánte, yet Gwen won quite a bit of gold from Pandas. They were excited by the unexpected turn of events, and they were very grateful for her healing skills as well.

After Gwen's encounter with the undead in the Dreadlands though, she was never the same. There she contracted Shadow Plague. Her skin changed color and her humanity started to fade away, kept in check only by her sister Gloria's healing powers. Gwen grew restless and antsy. At times her adrenaline seems to be in overdrive. Gloria suggested they end their journeys across the Realm, but Gwen insists they keep moving. She isn't always lucid, so it's unclear what she's looking for, if anything.

Gwen is straying close to the boundary between humanity and the undead, and she's ready to rush you down while she still can.

Card images

Yomi Gwen 2 Yomi Gwen 3 Yomi Gwen 4
Yomi Gwen 5 Yomi Gwen 6 Yomi Gwen 7
Yomi Gwen 8 Yomi Gwen 9 Yomi Gwen 10
Yomi Gwen J Yomi Gwen Q Yomi Gwen K
Yomi Gwen A Yomi Gwen Joker Yomi Gwen Character Card back

Deck (text)

Life: 85

Max Combo: 6

Shadow Plague: During the draw phase, draw an extra card and take 2 damage.

Relentless Strikes: Whenever the opponent normal blocks* your non-Ender attack, you may discard a red and a black normal attack. If you do, the black one hits, you win combat (and it ends), the opponent's block is discarded, and they draw a card.

  • This is a correction from "would normal block".

Normal attacks: x damage, Speed x.0

Normal throws: 5 damage, Speed x.6, 3 CP Starter, Knocks down

2: Attack 2 dmg, speed 2.0, 1 CP normal // Block

3: Attack 3 dmg, speed 3.0, 1 CP normal // Block

4: Attack 4 dmg, speed 4.0, 1 CP normal // Block

5: Attack 5 dmg, speed 5.0, 1 CP normal // Dodge

6: Attack 6 dmg, speed 6.0, 1 CP normal // Dodge

7: Dodge // Throw (KD) 6 dmg, speed 7.6, 3 CP Starter

8: Dodge // Throw (KD) 6 dmg, speed 8.6, 3 CP Starter

9: Block // Throw (KD) 6 dmg, speed 9.6, 3 CP Starter

10: Block // Throw (KD) 6 dmg, speed 10.6, 3 CP Starter // *Gloria's Remedy
Gloria's Remedy: [During Combat] When you block an attack or Joker with this card, take no block damage, discard this card, and don't draw a card from blocking. Gain 6 life.

Jack: Chains of Ice: Attack 7+7 (+J) (5) dmg, speed 3.6, 2 CP Starter // Links of Ice: Attack 6 (1) dmg, speed 4.0, 1 CP Linker // *Chillbane
Chillbane: [During Combat] When you hit with Chains of Ice, freeze the opponent (they skip all decisions they would make the rest of the turn). Next turn, their attacks and throws are 2 speed slower.

Queen: Shadow Slice: Attack 6+4 (+1 Any) (3) dmg, speed 0.0, 3 CP Ender

King: Burnbarrow: Attack 4+4 (+2 Any) (3) dmg, speed 1.2, 2 CP Linker

Ace: Dashgorger: Attack 8+8 (+A) (3) dmg, speed 1.2, 2 CP Ender // Dreadlands Portal: Throw 22 dmg, speed 4.6, Can't Combo AAA


Q: What happens when I use Relentless Strikes and my opponent is Grave, Midori, or Troq?

A: Grave can use Knowing the Opponent. Midori can use Aspect of the Dragon to retrieve a card from his discard pile, if he's in Dragon Form. Troq cannot attach his block card with Giant Growth, because it's discarded.

Q: What are "normal blocks"?

A: Normal blocks are not named. Special blocks are named, like Rook's Stone Wall, Argagarg's Bubble Shield, or Gwen's Gloria's Remedy. Troq's blocks are all normal blocks.

Q: Does Gwen's combat card deal block damage when using Relentless Strikes?

A: Yes.

Q: For Chillbane, what does it mean to skip all decisions?

A: It means you cannot play a combo escape, use any abilities, or power up. Ongoing effects like Hex of Murkwood or Healing Sphere still happen, though (they don't require any decisions).

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