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FD Jaina character card


Jaina Stormborne, Phoenix Archer

Kick ass, take names, use fire!

Jaina's fiery temper goes hand-in-hand with her fiery attacks. Don't look at her wrong, or cross her brother Grave, or she'll have some words for you, and maybe her knee, too. She fights with a magic bow, strung with fire, and she taps the power of red phoenix dragons.

Jaina often overextends herself in combat, trying things beyond her mastery. This extra spunk can overwhelm enemies, but also results in her own injuries and burns. Master Midori does not approve.

Card images

FD Flame Arrow FD Smoldering Embers FD Charged Shot


Charged Shot

Jaina doesn’t need to be adjacent to an opponent to use this ability. She can use it to push from any distance. The card used to push remains in your hand afterwards and you then take your turn's main action.

Flash Duel Characters


Deathstrike Dragon

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