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FD Lum character card


Lum Bam-foo, Gambling Panda

Be a panda! Make stuff happen, win or lose!

You might not know it from first glance, but Lum is a smart and logical panda. It's just that he loves gambling and chaos and he loves for lots of fun things to happen. He likes to roll dice, but he knows the odds very well.

The Pandalands are having tough times these days, though Lum's spirits still remain high. He sought out Argagarg the water shaman for advice in the nearby Murkwood Marsh. There he learned of the Fantasy Strike tournament and after calling "heads, we enter; tails, bamboo," he signed up.


FD Poker Flourish FD Roll the Dice FD Raise the Stakes


Poker Flourish

If the round isn’t over, you can still perform your turn's main action after using Poker Flourish.

Roll the Dice

You can use this to dashing block in 2v2 and during the Raid on Deathstrike Dragon. If the card drawn doesn’t help you dashing block, you discard it and you can still dashing block if you want.

Raise the Stakes

Against the Deathstrike Dragon, this just draws a card and nothing else, but Poker Flourish is really good against the Deathstrike Dragon, so don’t fret.

Flash Duel Characters


Deathstrike Dragon

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