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Yomi Lum character card

Lum Bam-foo, Gambling Panda

Be a panda! Make stuff happen, win or lose!

You might not know it from first glance, but Lum is a smart and logical panda. It's just that he loves gambling and chaos and he loves for lots of fun things to happen. He likes to roll dice, but he knows the odds very well.

The Pandalands are having tough times these days, though Lum's spirits still remain high. He sought out Argagarg the water shaman for advice in the nearby Murkwood Marsh. There he learned of the Fantasy Strike tournament and after calling "heads, we enter; tails, bamboo," he signed up.

Card images

Yomi Lum 2 Yomi Lum 3 Yomi Lum 4
Yomi Lum 5 Yomi Lum 6 Yomi Lum 7
Yomi Lum 8 Yomi Lum 9 Yomi Lum 10
Yomi Lum J Yomi Lum Q Yomi Lum K
Yomi Lum A Yomi Lum Joker Yomi Lum Character Card

Updated deck

Life: 90

Max Combo: 4

Roll the Dice: At the end of combat, if you dealt damage or block damage with an attack this turn, you may discard the top card of your deck and consult the table:

  • 2-3: You gain 4 life.
  • 4-10: Knock down the opponent -OR- return all face cards you played this turn to your hand.
  • J, Q, or K: Opponent's attacks and throws are 4 speed slower next turn.
  • A: Draw 3 cards.
  • Joker: You take 1 damage.

Normal attacks: x damage, Speed x.4

Normal throws: 6 damage, Speed x.6, 3 CP Starter, Knocks down

2: Block // Dodge

3: Attack 3 dmg, speed 3.4, 1 CP normal // Dodge

4: Attack 4 dmg, speed 4.4, 1 CP normal // Dodge

5: Attack 5 dmg, speed 5.4, 1 CP normal // Block

6: Attack 6 dmg, speed 6.4, 1 CP normal // Throw 6+3 (+3 Any) dmg, speed 6.4, Can't Combo

7: Attack 7 dmg, speed 7.4, 1 CP normal // Block // *Jackpot
Jackpot: [Draw Phase] Draw a card then the opponent reveals a card from their hand at random. If it's an Ace, they take 7 damage and you draw another card. If it's a Joker, you take 2 damage.

8: Attack 8 dmg, speed 8.4, 1 CP normal // Throw 8+3 (+3 Any) dmg, speed 8.4, Can't Combo

9: Block // Throw 9+3 (+3 Any) dmg, speed 9.4, Can't Combo

10: Block // Throw 10+3 (+3 Any) dmg, speed 10.4, Can't Combo // *Poker Flourish: [End of turn] Make a poker hand with the top 2 cards of your discard pile and up to 3 cards from your hand, then discard this card to get the effect:

  • Straight: Search your deck for any card.
  • Flush: Draw 3 cards.
  • 4-of-a-kind: Reveal an Ace for Blackjack effect.
  • Full House: Deal 7 damage.
  • Straight Flush: All of the above!

Jack: Coin Toss: Attack 4 (1) dmg, speed 1.4, 1 CP Linker

Queen: Rolling Panda: Attack 8+8 (+Q) dmg, speed 0.4, 3 CP Ender

King: Polar Cartwheel: Attack 6+8 (+K+K+K) (3) dmg, speed 3.0, 3 CP Ender

Ace: Blackjack: Dodge // Great Pandamonium: Attack 10+12 (+A+A+A) (4) dmg, speed 0.8, Can't Combo // *Blackjack
Blackjack: [During Combat] If you dodge an attack or Joker with this, discard cards from your deck until they total more than 21 or you decide to stop. Deal that much damage unless you went over 21. If you deal exactly 21, also put the cards in your hand. (Jokers count as 21.)

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