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'''MediaWiki has been successfully installed.'''
<span style="margin-left:190px; font-size: 188%;">Welcome to the world of</span>
Consult the [ User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
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Baby's ''first'' '''wiki''' edit!
Spanning <span style="color:green">lots of things</span> like <code>HTML</code> tags and links to [[articles]].
<span style="margin-left:55px; font-size: 188%;">Choose the game you wish to learn more about</span>
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Yet another edit! by [[User:Aakashi|Aakashi]] 16:01, 3 October 2011 (EDT)
== Getting started ==
* [ Configuration settings list]
* [ MediaWiki FAQ]
* [ MediaWiki release mailing list]

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Welcome to the world of

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Choose the game you wish to learn more about

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