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How does work?

Welcome to, where you can play Yomi, Puzzle Strike and Flash Duel online with your friends, for free!

Click PLAY at the top of the page to get started - you'll play right inside your browser. Check out the tutorials there, practice a bit against the computer, then jump in a quick match against live players from around the world!

You can always check out the games as a guest, without signing up. We suggest you make an account with us, though - this lets you save replays, choose your own name and avatar, earn tokens to play any character, track your progress in the leaderboards, and more!

To learn more about the games, click on the Yomi, Puzzle Strike, or Flash Duel logos above (or on any of the characters), or join us on the forums to catch up on the latest strategies and events, and get answers to your questions.

The Leaderboards show your current Quick Match ranking in both games. Climb up the Student ranks as you play more quick matches, then make a name for yourself as one of the Masters. Can you make it to the top?

How do I play?

There are five ways to access a character in any game:

  • Play as one of the FREE characters of the week. Each week, two new characters are open to everyone, even guest players! The current FREE characters are outlined in a yellow glow on the game page, and change every Friday at noon GMT. Playing FREE characters is a good way to discover the games!

  • Use 10 Gold Gold to play a game as any character:
    • First, buy Gold Gold from the Store, using PayPal (we accept all PayPal-supported payment methods, including credit cards and direct bank debit)
    • Then, just start any game with the character you want. Non-free characters will have a Gold Gold coin icon to remind you that they cost Gold Gold (or Token tokens) to play.

  • You can also play games with Token tokens instead of gold:
    • You get 10 Token free tokens each day when you log in.
    • You get another 10 Token for your first win of the day.
    • Sometimes you get a CRITICAL HIT when playing, which gives you 10 Token tokens.
Token Tokens last only 24 hours, so use them or lose them!
Token Tokens always get spent before Gold Gold whenever you have any.

  • NEW! You can now permanently unlock base characters and expansion characters in a game with a 1-time buy.

  • Finally, you can get complete access to everything on the website by subscribing as a STAR STAR member. STAR STAR members can play as any character in any game, including new characters still in development, or beta access to new games before they're released! STAR STAR members can also store more replays than regular players, and can use rulesless mode in any game: a mode of play letting you manually play as you like, to try house-rules or character variants at will.

Note: If you bought a character before June 2013 (for permanent access), you still retain that character forever, and can play them for free.

How do Leaderboards rankings work?

When you play a Quick Match at, the site will attempt to match you with an opponent based on your skill — if your rank is high you will tend to player other players with high ranks and likewise low-ranked players will play other low-ranked players. Rank also determines your position on the Leaderboards. Winning a Quick Match makes your rank goes up, while losing sometimes makes it go down.

The Student ranks

Every player begins as a Student 1 (Flower). There are 10 student ranks, and as long as you are a student, your rank never goes down. If you win enough matches (a few per level), you will eventually get your rank up. This is to encourage new players, since “leveling up” will happen so long as you keep playing. There is no penalty for losing at this point. Note that as a Student, your rank for all characters is the same.

When the Student Becomes the Master

Once you have finished Student 10 (Monkey), you will be a Master. There are 10 Master ranks, then Grandmaster ranks for the very elite.

There are two important differences between Student and Master ranks:

  • Master ranks are more serious: you can lose ranking from losing Quick Matches, and eventually get demoted if you lose too much.
  • In Master ranks, each of your characters has their own Leaderboards ranking.

The second point is important because it lets you try new, unfamiliar characters without fear of losing your main character's ranking. If you are a Rook master topping the leaderboards, you can try playing Valerie for a while, and even if you lose with her, your Rook ranking stays untouched. True masters sometimes top the Leaderboards with several characters, which takes real skill!

For more behind-the-scenes details about rankings on, check out the Rankings page.