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FD Midori character card


Master Midori, Mentor Dragon

Transform into a mighty green dragon!

Master Midori believes in honor above all else, and instills respect and ethics in his students, as well as physical training. His master before him taught techniques too deadly to be used, and Midori saw first-hand how that power warped his now-exiled brother. Midori protects his students from such taboo knowledge.

The blood of green dragons flows through Midori's body, and he can take the physical form of a dragon for short times when his focus is strongest. His personal fighting style is defensive and solid, but his dragon form allows for powerful offense as well.


FD Rising Mountain FD Dragon Form FD Master of Twos


Dragon Form

If an opponent is adjacent to you and "pushes" you back, that does not end Dragon Form. Similarly, DeGrey's Spectral Push and Jaina’s Charged Shot do not end Dragon Form, either. Dragon Form doesn’t do anything when you compare last hits after time-out.

Flash Duel Characters


Deathstrike Dragon

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