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[[File:CBOnimaru.png|right|alt=Onimaru character card|link=]]
[[File:Yomi Onimaru Char.png|right|alt=Onimaru character card|link=]]
== General Onimaru, Wartime Strategist ==
== General Onimaru, Wartime Strategist ==
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<div style="float:right; margin-left: 6px;">__TOC__</div>
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[[File:Yomi Onimaru A.png|alt=Yomi Onimaru A|279px|link=]]
[[File:Yomi Onimaru A.png|alt=Yomi Onimaru A|279px|link=]]
[[File:Yomi Onimaru Joker.png|alt=Yomi Onimaru Joker|279px|link=]]
[[File:Yomi Onimaru Joker.png|alt=Yomi Onimaru Joker|279px|link=]]
[[File:CBOnimaru.png|alt=Yomi Onimaru Character Card|279px|link=]]
[[File:CBOnimaru.png|alt=Yomi Onimaru Character Card back|279px|link=]]

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Onimaru character card

General Onimaru, Wartime Strategist


"Flagstone's law is absolute... and it's for your protection."

General Onimaru is Quince's top military man. You can think of him like Sun Tzu in that he's a master of the art of war. He is known for his strategic planning, tactical maneuvers, use of terrain to his advantage, his ability to discipline an army, and his ability to know the enemy.

Onimaru is actually an outsider to Flagstone, though he's won many battles in foreign lands and at least one on Flagstone soil against the former regime. Grave was just a boy then, and he lost his father that day. Onimaru claimed the Stormborne family sword as a war-prize, and were it not for the intervention of Mistress Persephone, Grave would never have received his family heirloom.

Many years later, Quince was able to recruit the General. There, Onimaru raised an army and due to his harsh style, the troops called him the Flagstone Enforcer. He also investigated unorthodox forms of military force, including the use of wild elephants and an experimental program to create clockwork soldiers with the help of the then-head of Flagstone Research & Development: Max Geiger.

General Onimaru is a formidable foe to anyone who would threaten Flagstone or its right to rule. That goes double for outlaw barristers and mutant stone golems who would sow the seeds of dissent with their illegal Fantasy Strike tournament.

Card images

Yomi Onimaru 2 Yomi Onimaru 3 Yomi Onimaru 4
Yomi Onimaru 5 Yomi Onimaru 6 Yomi Onimaru 7
Yomi Onimaru 8 Yomi Onimaru 9 Yomi Onimaru 10
Yomi Onimaru J Yomi Onimaru Q Yomi Onimaru K
Yomi Onimaru A Yomi Onimaru Joker Yomi Onimaru Character Card back

Deck (text)

Life: 90

Max Combo: 1

Guard Crush: Your normal attacks cannot be blocked by cards of equal or lower rank, except by named blocks with special abilities.

Normal attacks: 10+x (+1 Any) damage, Speed x.4

Normal throws: x+4+4 (+2 Any) damage, Speed x.2, Can't Combo

2: Block // Dodge

3: Attack 10+3 (+1 Any) dmg, speed 3.4, Can't Combo // Dodge

4: Attack 10+4 (+1 Any) dmg, speed 4.4, Can't Combo // Dodge

5: Attack 10+5 (+1 Any) dmg, speed 5.4, Can't Combo // Block // *General's Armor
General's Armor: [During combat] This attack can't be interrupted by normal attacks except those that knock down.
(If it's hit by a faster (non-knockdown) normal attack, the opponent can't combo. This hits afterwards and wins combat.)

6: Attack 10+6 (+1 Any) dmg, speed 6.4, Can't Combo // Block

7: Throw 7+4 (+2 Any) dmg, speed 7.2, Can't Combo // Block

8: Attack 10+8 (+1 Any) dmg, speed 8.4, Can't Combo // Throw 8+4 (+2 Any) dmg, speed 8.2, Can't Combo

9: Block // Throw 9+4 (+2 Any) dmg, speed 9.2, Can't Combo // *Final Authority
Final Authority: [Combat Reveal] If you combat-revealed a face card you may discard a card of the same suit as your attack (and this card) to make your face card beat all other attacks (and tie with other Final Authority attacks) and knock down. This can't be countered.

10: Attack 10+10 (+1 Any) dmg, speed 10.4, Can't Combo // Throw 10+4 (+2 Any) dmg, speed 10.2, Can't Combo

Jack: Divide and Conquer: Attack 10+10 (+J) (1) dmg, speed 3.4, Can't Combo

Queen: Rising Sword: Attack 10 (2) dmg, speed 0.8, Can't Combo

King: Spirit Fire: Attack 8+9 (+K+K+K) (3) dmg, speed 4.0, Can't Combo

Ace: Martial Law: Attack 20 (2) dmg, speed 1.4, Can't Combo AA // *Clockwork Soldiers: Attack 1 (+A+A+A) dmg, speed 1.0, Can't Combo
Clockwork Formation: [During Combat] If you won combat and Clockwork Soldiers deals damage, attach it and up to three Aces to Onimaru. Whenever you hit with a face card, discard one attached Ace to deal 15 damage. Whenever your face card is blocked, discard one attached Ace.


Q: How does Onimaru's 5 attack (with its General Armor ability) interact with an opposing Onimaru's 5 attack?

A: The ability General's Armor does not trigger in that situation, since it was not hit by a faster normal attack, and the two 5 attacks clash as usual.

Q: Assuming that Onimaru does not tie with another Final Authority attack, if I use the Final Authority ability on J or K, will the opponent stay knocked down if I pump either of those attacks?

A: Yes.

Q: Who wins combat between a Final Authority attack and Crash Bomb? Or between a Final Authority attack and Overdrive Long Arm?

A: Final Authority wins combat. No opposing attack can ever win combat against a Final Authority attack.

Q: For Clockwork Soldiers, what does it mean to win combat? (This also applies to Long Range, Mistress's Command, and Overdose.)

A: Normally, the first player to successfully hit with an attack, throw or Joker, or to block or dodge an attack or Joker, wins combat. On clashes, nobody wins combat. Note that some abilities can explicitly affect who wins combat, such as Windmill Crusher or Crash Bomb.

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