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PS Quince character card

Sirus Quince, Flagstone Chief Magistrate

Quince is the head of the Flagstone Dominion, a position he attained through political prowess, the right words, and a wholesome image. There are some who call him Tyrant, but who are they, really? A stone golem and an outlaw barrister?

Quince ensures the protection of his people, and protection means sacrificing some personal freedoms. It also means having values--the right values--and stomping out those who don't. Sometimes that cuts the wrong way for an overzealous lawyer like DeGrey, or a bisexual like Valerie, or a scientist doing the wrong kind of work like Geiger, but society gains of course! That's what Quince would say.

Quince is cloaked in truth, but his true power comes from lies and illusion.


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