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[[File:CBQuince.png|right|alt=Quince character card|link=]]
[[File:Yomi Quince Char.png|right|alt=Quince character card|link=]]
== Sirus Quince, Flagstone Chief Magistrate ==
== Sirus Quince, Flagstone Chief Magistrate ==
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<div style="float:right; margin-left: 6px;">__TOC__</div>

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Quince character card

Sirus Quince, Flagstone Chief Magistrate


"With my expanded powers as Chancellor, I'll make sure we can stand against any foe."

Quince is the head of the Flagstone Dominion, a position he attained through political prowess, the right words, and a wholesome image. There are some who call him Tyrant, but who are they, really? A stone golem and an outlaw barrister?

Quince ensures the protection of his people, and protection means sacrificing some personal freedoms. It also means having values--the right values--and stomping out those who don't. Sometimes that cuts the wrong way for an overzealous lawyer like DeGrey, or a bisexual like Valerie, or a scientist doing the wrong kind of work like Geiger, but society gains of course! That's what Quince would say.

Quince is cloaked in truth, but his true power comes from lies and illusion.

Card images

Yomi Quince 2 Yomi Quince 3 Yomi Quince 4
Yomi Quince 5 Yomi Quince 6 Yomi Quince 7
Yomi Quince 8 Yomi Quince 9 Yomi Quince 10
Yomi Quince J Yomi Quince Q Yomi Quince K
Yomi Quince A Yomi Quince Joker Yomi Quince Character Card back

Deck (text)

Life: 90

Max Combo: 4

Innate: Positive Spin: At the end of the turn, if you dealt damage or block damage to your opponent, you may reveal a face card from your hand. If you combat-reveal that card next turn, you may draw a card to rotate it 180 degrees.

Normal attacks: x damage, Speed x.8

Normal throws: 7 damage, 2 cp Starter, Knocks down, Speed x.8

2: Attack 2 dmg, speed 2.8, 1 CP normal // Dodge // *Two Truths
Two Truths: [Draw phase] Choose up to 3 cards in your discard pile of different ranks from 3 through King, then reveal the top 2 cards of your deck. Divide all these cards into two face-up piles. The opponent puts one pile in your hand and you discard the other.

3: Attack 3 dmg, speed 3.8, 1 CP normal // Dodge

4: Block // Dodge

5: Attack 5 dmg, speed 5.8, 1 CP normal // Block

6: Attack 6 dmg, speed 6.8, 1 CP normal // Block

7: Attack 7 dmg, speed 7.8, 1 CP normal // Throw (KD) 7 dmg, speed 7.8, 2 CP Starter

8: Block // Throw (KD) 7 dmg, speed 8.8, 2 CP Starter

9: Block // Throw (KD) 7 dmg, speed 9.8, 2 CP Starter

10: Block // Throw (KD) 7 dmg, speed 10.8, 2 CP Starter // *Flagstone Tax
Flagstone Tax: [Draw phase] Choose attack, block, throw or dodge. If the opponent combat-reveals that option this turn, draw 2 cards.

Jack: Truth Geyser: Attack 9 (2) dmg, speed 2.6, 1 CP Ender // Dodge the Question: Dodge

Queen: Righteous Zeal: Attack (KD) 12 (3) dmg, speed 7.2, 2 CP Starter // Righteous Tumbler: Throw 7+5 (+1 Any) dmg, speed 9.8, 2 CP Ender

King: Crosswise Toss: Throw 9 dmg, speed 9.0, 2 CP Starter // Evasive Answer: Dodge

Ace: Patriot Mirror: Attack (KD) 10 (3) dmg, speed 2.8, Can't Combo // Consent of the Governed: Attack 16+14 (+A+A) (4) dmg, speed 1.2, 3 CP Ender AA // *Patriot Mirror
Patriot Mirror: [During Combat] If you deal damage or block damage with Patriot Mirror, you may play a second face-down card next combat instead of using Positive Spin. After combat cards are revealed, choose one to discard and use the other.


Q: Can I use Positive Spin more than once on the same combat-reveal?

A: No.

Q: If DeGrey names an option with Troublesome Rhetoric
DeGrey 4
DeGrey 4
, or an opposing Quince names an option with Flagstone Tax, does the combat card I choose to discard count as "combat-revealing" that option?
A: No. If DeGrey names "attacks" with Troublesome Rhetoric
DeGrey 4
DeGrey 4
, then you reveal both an attack and a block with Patriot Mirror, then you choose to discard the attack, that means you really combat-revealed a block, and DeGrey does not gain 12 life.

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