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PS Rook character card


Garus Rook, Stone Golem

Be a stone golem, attuned to nature and armored with rock!

Rook's past is unknown, though he is known to be an old being, connected to nature. He governs the Morningstar Sanctuary, a haven for free thinking, artistic endeavors, and scientific research that is immune to the laws of Flagstone. He is kind, thoughtful, and wise.

Rook's rocky body makes him almost impossible to defeat, though Rook was never particularly interested in hurting others. Rook and his old friend DeGrey are old enough to remember the last time a government stole its citizens' personal freedoms, and DeGrey urged Rook to create an event that would unite the disparate peoples and remind them they are not so different from one another. That event is the Fantasy Strike tournament.


FD Windmill Crusher FD Thunderclap FD Rock Armor


Rock Armor

In Solo Mode against Rook’s bot (When playing using the physical game), if he has more than one higher card (or pair, etc.) he can block with, choose randomly amongst his valid options.

Flash Duel Characters


Deathstrike Dragon

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