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PS Rook character card

Garus Rook, Stone Golem

Be a stone golem, attuned to nature and armored with rock!

Rook's past is unknown, though he is known to be an old being, connected to nature. He governs the Morningstar Sanctuary, a haven for free thinking, artistic endeavors, and scientific research that is immune to the laws of Flagstone. He is kind, thoughtful, and wise.

Rook's rocky body makes him almost impossible to defeat, though Rook was never particularly interested in hurting others. Rook and his old friend DeGrey are old enough to remember the last time a government stole its citizens' personal freedoms, and DeGrey urged Rook to create an event that would unite the disparate peoples and remind them they are not so different from one another. That event is the Fantasy Strike tournament.


FD Windmill Crusher FD Thunderclap FD Rock Armor



Rock Armor

In Solo Mode against Rook’s bot (When playing using the physical game), if he has more than one higher card (or pair, etc.) he can block with, choose randomly amongst his valid options.


This guide will focus on describing how Rook's three abilities interact to create his 'grappler' playstyle. I'll do a quick rundown of his strengths and weaknesses too. Hopefully it'll be useful to people who're newer to the game.

Rook's abilities taken alone look quite good, but together they're even better. Rock Armor
Rock Armor
Rock Armor
is a powerful defensive tool that makes it scary to dashing strike Rook. Reckless offence will be blocked and answered with an attack or Thunderclap

Thunderclap punishes failed dashing strikes and gives Rook an easy to use threat when within 6 range - Rock Armor protects your 1s from being eaten by an opposing dashing strike!

Windmill Crusher
Windmill Crusher
Windmill Crusher
will rarely get used but is a massive deterrent and prevents an obvious workaround to Thunderclap. The opponent can't afford to risk standing next to Rook, and this shuts down some otherwise useful options.


  • Scary dashing strikes with Thunderclap
  • Powerful defence with Rock Armor
  • Opponents must play around Rook's gameplan.


  • No ability to draw extra or fewer cards to manipulate when time out happens
  • Very upset if the opponent draws the majority of his favourite cards (5s, 1s)

Default strategy

As with every character, Rook has to play in a way that works around his opponent and deals with the cards he got dealt. That said, Rook has a clear gameplan revolving around Thunderclap
and Rock Armor
Rock Armor
Rock Armor
. Rook highly values 5, 1 and to a lesser extent 4. The high cards are the most useful for Rock Armor. The 1s fuel Thunderclap and Windmill Crusher
Windmill Crusher
Windmill Crusher
. Therefore Rook can edge towards his opponent with 2 3 or even 4 and feel safe with his defensive 5s and offensive 1s.

Notice that for most characters, the closer you are the more dangerous the opponent's dashing strikes are. At 10 range, only 5 into 5 is an option. At 6 range, anything can happen! With Rook, as long as they can't find a triple to strike with, a pair of 5s will always protect you.

Keep in mind it's possible to have too much of a good thing. In particular, while three 1s probably look nice, it's hard to move forward and have a real Rock Armor defensive plan. Two 1s should be easily sufficient. Likewise triple 5s are extremely strong defence but choke your movement options and offence.

How this looks in a match is that Rook will gradually march foward and the opponent will be forced to strike with their highest possible cards out of respect and fear.

Fighting against Rook

The most obvious counter to Rock Armor
Rock Armor
Rock Armor
and Thunderclap
is to hold onto those same cards Rook wants - 5s and 1s! Striking Rook with 5s is at no risk from Rock Armor, and Thunderclap is only as scary as the number of 1s in Rook's hand.

As long as you have enough 1s to survive a Thunderclap, another cunning strategy is to exploit Rook's likely blindspot - 2~3 range away. If Rook's hand is full of 1s and 5s or similar, then the most he can do at 2~3 range is Thunderclap. Provided you can defend that, Rook will now have a lot of hard to use high cards in his hand.

Keep an eye on what you're drawing and what's in the discard. It's rare for Rook to have both a solid Rock Armor and Thunderclap threat. Decide where he's weakest and exploit that ability.

Characters that manipulate time out well should consider safe aggression and solid defence, then simply take time out when it comes. The details of that strategy varies from character to character and is a little in depth for this guide.

Last tip

If your good natured opponent is clearly and utterly doomed, ask them nicely to move into range to get Windmill Crushered! It's a damn satisfying animation, and everyone is so scared of it you won't get a look otherwise.

Credit to Fim for this strategy guide

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