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Yomi Setsuki character card

Setsuki, Ninja Student


Use ninja tricks and speed of the fox to overwhelm your opponents!

Setsuki trains at the secret ninja academy called the Fox's Den. Though she's small and not physically strong, her speed and agility know no match. Through a mix of speed and deception, she can confuse opponents into making mistakes.

Setsuki heard that Grave defeated the mighty Rook in a sparring match, and now seeks him out for guidance. She's admired him for some time from afar, but she now feels compelled to see what she can learn from him personally.

Card images

Yomi Setsuki 2 Yomi Setsuki 3 Yomi Setsuki 4
Yomi Setsuki 5 Yomi Setsuki 6 Yomi Setsuki 7
Yomi Setsuki 8 Yomi Setsuki 9 Yomi Setsuki 10
Yomi Setsuki J Yomi Setsuki Q Yomi Setsuki K
Yomi Setsuki A Yomi Setsuki Joker Yomi Setsuki Character Card

Deck (text)

Life: 70

Max Combo: 6

Speed of the Fox: If you start the draw phase with 1 or 0 cards in hand, draw 5 cards (instead of drawing just 1) and you may hit back with a full combo if you dodge an attack or Joker this turn.

Normal attacks: x damage, Speed x.2

Normal throws: 6 damage, Speed x.2, 3 CP Starter, Knocks down

2: Attack 2 dmg, speed 2.2, 1 CP normal // Dodge

3: Attack 3 dmg, speed 3.2, 1 CP normal // Dodge

4: Attack 4 dmg, speed 4.2, 1 CP normal // Dodge

5: Attack 5 dmg, speed 5.2, 1 CP normal // Dodge

6: Attack 6 dmg, speed 6.2, 1 CP normal // Block

7: Block // Throw (KD) 6 dmg, speed 7.2, 3 CP Starter // *Bag of Tricks
Bag of Tricks: [End of Turn] If this is the only card in hand, put up to three non-Joker cards from your discard pile on top of your deck in any order, then discard this card.

8: Block // Throw (KD) 6 dmg, speed 8.2, 3 CP Starter

9: Block // Throw (KD) 6 dmg, speed 9.2, 3 CP Starter

10: Dodge // Throw (KD) 6 dmg, speed 10.2, 3 CP Starter // *Smoke Bomb
Smoke Bomb: [Reaction] Discard two cards (and this card) to counter an ability. (Prevent and undo the ability and the opponent discards the card if played from hand. You can't counter Aces, Jokers, or character cards.)

Jack: Esper Dash: Attack 5 (1) dmg, speed 1.4, 1 CP Linker

Queen: Ninpo Flash: Attack 1+4 (+2 Any) dmg, speed 0.0, 3 CP Starter

King: Starlight Kick: Attack 5+3 (+2 Any) (2) dmg, speed 2.2, 2 CP Linker // Starlight Tumbler: Throw (KD) 6 dmg, speed 9.2, 2 CP Ender

Ace: Surprise Gift: Attack 17 (3) dmg, speed 1.2, 2 CP Ender AA // Shuriken Hail: Attack 9+9 (+A+A+A) (3) dmg, speed 1.0, Can't Combo


Q: What happens and what doesn’t happen when I counter an ability?

A: When you counter an ability, prevent and undo all of its costs and effects, as if it never happened. Your opponent discards the ability card if they played it from their hand. You play this after they pay any costs to activate, but then the opponent gets their costs refunded when you counter.

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