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Yomi Setsuki character card

Setsuki, Ninja Student

Use ninja tricks and speed of the fox to overwhelm your opponents!

Setsuki trains at the secret ninja academy called the Fox's Den. Though she's small and not physically strong, her speed and agility know no match. Through a mix of speed and deception, she can confuse opponents into making mistakes.

Setsuki heard that Grave defeated the mighty Rook in a sparring match, and now seeks him out for guidance. She's admired him for some time from afar, but she now feels compelled to see what she can learn from him personally.

Card images

Yomi Setsuki 2 Yomi Setsuki 3 Yomi Setsuki 4
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Yomi Setsuki 8 Yomi Setsuki 9 Yomi Setsuki 10
Yomi Setsuki J Yomi Setsuki Q Yomi Setsuki K
Yomi Setsuki A Yomi Setsuki Joker