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[[File:CBTroq.png|right|alt=Troq character card|link=]]
[[File:Yomi Troq Char.png|right|alt=Troq character card|link=]]
== Troq Bashar, Well-Meaning Beast ==
== Troq Bashar, Well-Meaning Beast ==
<div style="float:right; margin-left: 6px;">__TOC__</div>
<div style="float:right; margin-left: 6px;">__TOC__</div>
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[[File:Yomi Troq A.png|alt=Yomi Troq A|279px|link=]]
[[File:Yomi Troq A.png|alt=Yomi Troq A|279px|link=]]
[[File:Yomi Troq Joker.png|alt=Yomi Troq Joker|279px|link=]]
[[File:Yomi Troq Joker.png|alt=Yomi Troq Joker|279px|link=]]
[[File:CBTroq.png|alt=Yomi Troq Character Card|279px|link=]]
[[File:CBTroq.png|alt=Yomi Troq Character Card back|279px|link=]]

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Troq character card

Troq Bashar, Well-Meaning Beast


"Troq is big and smashes well. You seem pretty smart, though."

Troq is big and strong and likes to SMASH.

Troq has a good heart and he means well. He's not the sharpest guy though, so he gets confused sometimes. He likes having smart friends so his brawn and their brains can team up to do some smashing, which Troq really enjoys.

Troq comes from the Golden Plains, and like many regions these days, the area is in an economic slump due to Flagstone's mining and resource collection operations. This led Troq to seek his fortune elsewhere. Troq isn't exactly the most loyal beast, so wherever he can find the best deal is where he'll go. For the moment, that's as a Flagstone footsoldier but Zane will eventually lure him away with bribes of Giant Growth potions. Troq loves to be big and strong.

Card images

Yomi Troq 2 Yomi Troq 3 Yomi Troq 4
Yomi Troq 5 Yomi Troq 6 Yomi Troq 7
Yomi Troq 8 Yomi Troq 9 Yomi Troq 10
Yomi Troq J Yomi Troq Q Yomi Troq K
Yomi Troq A Yomi Troq Joker Yomi Troq Character Card back


Life: 95

Max Combo: 3

Giant Growth: Whenever you block an attack or Joker, attach your block card to Troq, or discard it if two cards are already attached. Your normal attacks and normal throws do +1 damage for each attached card. (You still draw a card from blocking, as usual.)

Defense Mastery: Opponents don't draw when you block their normal attacks.

Normal attacks: x damage, Speed x.8

Normal throws: 8 damage, Speed x.0, 2 CP Starter, Knocks down

2: Block // Throw (KD) 8 dmg, speed 2.0, 2 CP Starter

3: Block // Throw (KD) 8 dmg, speed 3.0, 2 CP Starter

4: Attack 4 dmg, speed 4.8, 1 CP normal // Throw (KD) 8 dmg, speed 4.0, 2 CP Starter

5: Attack 5 dmg, speed 5.8, 1 CP normal // Throw (KD) 8 dmg, speed 5.0, 2 CP Starter

6: Attack 6 dmg, speed 6.8, 1 CP normal // Block

7: Attack 7 dmg, speed 7.8, 1 CP normal // Block

8: Attack 8 dmg, speed 8.8, 1 CP normal // Block

9: Dodge // Throw (KD) 8 dmg, speed 9.0, 2 CP Starter

10: Dodge // Throw (KD) 8 dmg, speed 10.0, 2 CP Starter // *War Stomp
War Stomp: [Draw Phase] If you're not knocked down, knock down the opponent, draw a card, and the opponent discards a card.

Jack: Bull Rush: Attack 7 (2) dmg, speed 2.2, 1 CP Ender // Bull Charge: Attack 10 (3) dmg, speed 3.4, 2 CP Ender // *Troq Armor
Troq Armor: [During Combat] Neither side of this Jack can be interrupted by normal attacks. (If it's hit by a faster normal attack, the opponent can't combo. This hits afterwards and wins combat.)

Queen: Up Hawk: Attack 9 (2) dmg, speed 0.8, 2 CP Ender

King: Lockhorn Skewer: Throw 15 dmg, speed 2.4, Can't Combo // *Lockhorn Skewer
Lockhorn Skewer: [During Combat] This beats normal attacks of speed 5.0 or faster, but you still take damage from the normal attack.

Ace: Eagle Totem: Attack 20 (2) dmg, speed 1.0, 2 CP Ender AA // Beast Unleashed: Throw 45 dmg, speed 0.0, Can't Combo AAA. Requires 2 Attached Blocks. // *Beast Unleashed
Beast Unleashed: [During Combat] When you attempt Beast Unleashed, return your attached block cards to your hand.


Q: Are Troq's blocks "normal blocks" (for purposes of Relentless Strikes)?

A: Yes. Special blocks are named, like Rook's Stone Wall, Argagarg's Bubble Shield, or Gwen's Gloria's Remedy. Troq's blocks are all normal blocks.

Q: When Gwen attacks my block, then uses Relentless Strikes to force me to discard my block card, can I still attach it to my character card?

A: No. Your block card is discarded.

Q: When Troq's K throw beats a normal attack, who "wins combat"? (Long Range, Overdose, Carrion Reach)

A: Troq wins combat. To "beat" a normal attack counts as winning combat, even if you take damage from the attack. This means that Long Range, Overdose, Carrion Reach cannot trigger in that situation.

Q: Does Lockhorn Skewer win against a normal attack that's normally slower than speed 5.0, but has been sped up to be speed 5.0 or faster through an ability? (Burst of Speed, Long Range, Meaty Attacks)

A: Yes.

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