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FD Valerie character card


Valerie Rose, Manic Painter

Paint with magic and unbounded creativity!

Valerie has heterochromia, meaning she has one blue eye and one green eye. She "sees things differently," and expresses herself through painting. Emotionally, she experiences highs and lows, which she believes gives her even more appreciation for the full spectrum of human feelings.

She also happens to like both boys and girls--a crime in the capital city of Flagstone. She now lives at Rook's Morningstar Sanctuary, a protected city labeled as "enemy of the state" by Flagstone. She serves as Rook's artistic advisor, alongside Max Geiger, Rook's scientific advisor.


FD Sudden Inspiration FD Green Eyes Epiphany FD Blue Eyes Epiphany


Sudden Inspiration

If the card drawn from the ability is the last card in the deck, then timeout happens and Valerie doesn’t need to block the attack. Instead, use the normal time-over procedure.


If you use Green Eye’s Epiphany to treat a 3 in your hand as a 4, you can attack an opponent who is 4 spaces away with it. You can power it up with another 4, but not with another 3. Reverse this for Blue Eye's Epiphany.

Flash Duel Characters


Deathstrike Dragon

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