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FD Vendetta character card

Vendetta, Undead Assassin

Vendetta is an undead assassin from the Dreadlands. Not much is known about him or his origins.

Vendetta moves quickly and silently. He has great acrobatic skill as well as great patience. Giant pincers can extend from his arms, giving him huge range with his attacks.

Captain Zane of the Blood Guard encountered Vendetta on the road where three would-be robbers were sprawled out on the ground around him, bloodied. Zane was impressed, and offered to recruit Vendetta to the Blood Guard. Vendetta didn't say much, but he accepted. Zane is happy to have a badass crypt man on his side who slices up anything or anyone who needs slicing.

What Zane doesn't know is that Vendetta is no common foot soldier, and loyalty to Zane isn't exactly Vendetta's priority. Vendetta is actually one of Vandy Anadrose's most elite officers--he serves the Queen of D's. For now, he is her eyes. And as General Onimaru would say, spies are the most valuable asset of any army.

Vendetta is acrobatic, patient, precise, and deadly.


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