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FD Zane character card


Captain Zane, Blood Guard Anarchist

Captain Zane is head of the outlaw group called the Blood Guard, and he hates authority. While some call him "Zane the insane," there is a method to his madness. Zane doesn't mind the term though, because if people don't know what to expect, it gives him the upper hand.

Zane's purple suit is unusually tailored and it's reinforced with rare green dragon scales, partly for armor but mostly for style. I wonder what Midori has to say about that.

Zane's crew, who he calls the Blood Guard, are a band of outlaws that answer to Zane. One of his main activities seems to be staking out the roads and demanding what he calls a "traveller's tax" to any who would pass. If they refuse, he fights them for the tax, which is why he has skilled fighters on hand such as Vendetta (and someday Troq).

While some see this as mere thieving, Zane does it for much more lofty reasons. He asserts that his power to tax comes from his ability to do so. If no one can stop him, then his law is as good as anyone else's. Or more to the point, why should he listen to Flagstone's law? Why should anyone? It's not like Quince achieved power there legitimately, and even if he had, it's not like Flagstone's laws help the Realm. The Realm is in the worst state it's been in for ages. Resources are draining all over the place, and for what--to produce more of Onimaru's useless clockwork soldiers? Personal freedoms have been sacrificed in the name of "protection," which disgusts Zane. One of Zane's favorite quotes is from the great lawyer Jefferson DeGrey: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little safety deserve neither." So why should we care what Flagstone says? Zane's defiance and infamy has become an increasing embarrassment to Flagstone, which is exactly his goal.

Zane took an interest in Grave after realizing that Grave is one of the strongest warriors in the Realm. That's exactly the kind of person he could use on the Blood Guard. Interestingly, his speech to Grave is almost the same as Rook and DeGrey's: that Grave's inaction and disinterest in politics actually condones Flagstone's actions, whether he likes it or not. Zane trash talks whatever it is the golem and lawyer would say to actually do about it though. Something useless about civil disobedience? That just got DeGrey into Daggerfall Prison. Something else useless about some fighting tournament? How about burning the real problem to the ground so a new age can begin? It's true that Zane happens to enjoy blowing things up and burning them to the ground, but that's beside the point. In this case, it's the right thing to do, says Zane!

Zane keeps people on their toes, and he shakes things up. He questions the status quo and seeks to tear it down so we can all have a better future. People have a lot invested in the status quo though, and they see Zane as a dangerous villain.


FD Landmine FD Shoulder Ram FD Maximum Anarchy


Shoulder Ram

You can still perform your turn’s main action the turn you use Shoulder Ram.


When using the physical game use a coin or spare pawn for the landmine. Whenever the landmine triggers it disappears. If a player retreats into a landmine instead of recovering (refilling hand) he skips that turn (doesn’t refill hand). Even though the recovery was skipped, this counts as recovering for the next turn.

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Deathstrike Dragon

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